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Prayers needed for a Sound Man

Ron Meyer

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On Saturday, February 13th, Hank Garfield suffered a serious stroke and was taken to nearby Saint Joseph’s Medical center in Burbank, CA.   Hank is in the Acute Recovery ward which is a state of the art stroke recovery center.   He is undergoing many hours of daily physical, occupational and speech therapy and is on his way to making a long recovery from this serious event.   I believe Hank will be in the hospital for another month or two as he pushes forward with his recovery.  

I know many of you older mixers and boom ops know Hank from his days as a cable man, boom operator and later as a film sound mixer.   I have personally known Hank for 33 years.  When Hank retired from film sound mixing about ten years ago he started the Garfield Company.  The Garfield Company makes all of those Headphone Softies, Hush Lavs, Hush heels, and other products that many of you use daily.  Hank invented them all and is always interested in knowing what the sound industry is currently up to.      

I have been in contact with Hank’s son Coby and I was discussing with him how I could help him with Hank’s recovery.  Hank has never been a big user of social media, he has no Facebook page.  He prefers to speak with people in person, shack your hand, give you hug, ask you how you how your day is going, etc.  Hank has a long road to go and I think some encouragement, good will and thoughts from his brothers and sisters in sound would be helpful as Hank is working through the next few months of his physical therapy.   I would like to ask anyone who knows Hank to step up and write him a few words of encouragement or maybe reflect back on a job you worked with him.  If any of you write him something here, I will print it out and deliver it to him in the hospital.  Of you can send him a note or card and mail it to my company.  I will see that he gets anything anyone sends.

 Hank Garfield c/o

Professional Sound Corp

28085 Smyth Drive

Valencia, CA 91355


Thank you,

Ron Meyer/PSC

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So tonight I found an old photo from the set of Fresh Horses I was a stand in on the movie local to the area. Hank was the mixer somehow I befriended him and he let me watch by his side. Pretty much the only person that would talk and take interest in a local hired to fill a void. Him and Sue Knutson the casting director were the best 

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