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Red Scarlet timecode jam

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Yesterday I did a shoot with Red Scarlet. I tried to jam the scarlet with my 633, but it would not jam. I set the 633 to free run, and went into setting->TC and set it to "brain", but it would not jam. I dident find the different TC setting rec run, free run etc. Can anyone tell me what I did wrong?



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You can download all the various Red camera manuals from the Red.com website. I've found it necessary to take along just the pages on sound/timecode setup when I'm confronted with AC's who don't know how to jam timecode or where the menu items are located. In fairness to them, the menu can be a little cryptic the first time you use it.

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Often we are dealing with  DoP's who are directing while being their own camera assistants, and we only get a small window of time to deal with camera issues before they  have to move on to the next crisis. I haven't worked with a genuine 1st AC in a long time.

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23 hours ago, Rick Reineke said:

RED cameras are flaky under perfect conditions. Many folks just give the AC a lockbox.  Was there no ACs?

He couldent help me. Seem like he dident know anything about TC.

4 hours ago, Marc Wielage said:

Yep, I agree with John above. Note that the camera can be set to the right speed but the wrong timebase, so you really have to have both for rock-solid sync. 

What is timebase?

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Time base is the clock set for the project (like 25p) but you can shoot out of speed at 50fps for example, so there would be no sound and no TC synch if the time base and the fps aren't the same (this also can happen bewteen 23.97 and 24). 

TC is one thing

Genlock is another one.

To have perfect synch you have to use both. But Genlock can be desenabled (not displayed as green) if for example in a 24p project the video output is set to 25p. All video path MUST be set to the same FPS speed (monitoring, project, hdsdi, focus confirm mode, ...).

For 25p folks that use focus confirm mode it's not possible to have Genlock as the focus confirm mode uses a 24p internal signal to process...

Either you desanable the focus confrim mode or you don't use Genlock.




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Yep, Patrick and Mr. Blankenship have it it 100% right. Timecode, timebase, and frame rate can all theoretically be different, particularly in varispeed situations. I have had situations where I was feeding scratch audio to a Red camera and we couldn't see it on the meters, and finally realized, "ah! Timebase is wrong." So it was at 23.98fps, with 23.98 timecode... but it was in the wrong timebase. Three possible things to get wrong.

It is true that it doesn't hurt to also have external genlock reference when jamming to a timecode box like a Denecke SB-T or an Ambient Lockit. I have had situations where when we rebooted the camera (and Alexa is included), everything worked correctly on the reboot. 

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