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Loud static on all monitor paths - SD 633


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I got the cards back, files are all clean. Just the headphones had issues. I re-flashed the 633 with the 4.50 firmware again and it went back to normal. Note to self: carry a dedicated SD with the firmware already downloaded onto it with the kit with the 633. My 664 has been bullet proof for years, guess it's the analog guts in the 664 vs digital in the 633?

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3 hours ago, afewmoreyears said:

Are you saying that people used the same CF card with the new 4.50 firmware on it WITHOUT formatting the card back to a clear card before use??  They started their day with a card that STILL had the  4.50.prg  file on it??

Not necessarily the card with the new prg file on it... I think SD has discovered that you should format your cards (all of them) with the machine after the new firmware is installed. A card that you formatted using the machine with the older firmware may give you trouble.

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Heya Millar.  I've got a couple work days on my 633 with no issues at 4.50. (knocking on wood as I type)  And the machine's been dead solid since 2014.  More solid than my original very analog 442, which sometimes went nuts when moisture got into the gain trims.  Not that that ever happens in our neck of the woods...


Brent Calkin

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I reverted back a version to 4.10. I don't feel like being a guinea pig when production is paying for my gear to work without major glitches. Monday morning I'll put a call in to SD and see what they say but my feeling is firmware

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SOLVED : I had same exact problem.. except static was also outputting to comteks and blew up studio village...


I temporarily fixed by resetting 633 - (turning off device and holding down menu button for 7seconds).


Firmware update 4.51 fixes this bug.


If your running versoin 4.50, and using mix assist, you are at risk of randomly outputting loud static noise across all of your output channels.


This has been confirmed by sound devices support. While using  firmware 4.50, it is safe to run Dungan Automix as an alternative.



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