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2 in, Multiple outs


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Ive been asked to help give advice (probably free) for some people hosting a bike race here in South Africa. There is the post race gibber and IVs etc. The guy wants 10 (mono prob) outs from the 2 in he is getting (Interviewer and Talent).

Ive not done this before but suspect it may be an issue as when I do live stuff and ask for a feed from the desk (even fancy big ones) they (engineers) are always reluctant and outs are often at a premium at big events. Im inclined to make sure we get a great copy of the audio and if the press need good audio they can get it from us after the event (maybe even during).

Is there some kind of splitter box to take the stereo out from a Mixing desk and give me 10 mono copies? We dont really want 10 mics in front of the talent hiding him from the camera...

Another idea was one transmitter and 10 receivers set to the same channel. There are many ways to skin a cat :)

Whats your way. Essentially its to get the same signal to lots of different press/camera people.



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Ya, like David says look for a mult box or press box.


Here in the US, I tend to come across the PSC unit or something from Opamp Labs:



There are models that are XLR mic/line only, and others that also include RCA, 1/4-inch, 3.5mm, etc which could help out the various cycling journalists/bloggers/etc who might not roll with XLR... 


They're easy to use, but if you'll be on site, bring some adapters, and be ready to help out some of the people covering your event. Especially if you want to keep them from sticking mics & recorders in front of the rider.


Probably an AV/Event rental house can help you out with a rental. 

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You can also search for a distribution amp. There are cheap variants, from the likes of Behringer, and more expensive ones, geared towards broadcast applications, like from Kramer, such as this: 


it‘s much cheaper than the PSC, but may boast less features 

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2 hours ago, TommygunZA said:

p.s Thats a nice profile pic David, was wondering if you were awake in it and if you should just go and invest in a (quiet) rocking chair....


It was exactly the ambiguity that made me choose the picture.


It was taken on a location shoot in Texas about ten years ago.



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