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Audio cables for 1st Generation RED ONE

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What dB pad is right to use with a mini XLR to XLR cable for the original RED ONE?

As it appears the original RED ONEs (later RED ONEs had this fixed) had an issue that audio in would distort, so RED would sell cables with a built in pad. 

But I can't find info anywhere as to exactly what specs that cable had. (my friend with the REDs owns one of these original cables from RED, however it has no markings whatsoever as to what strength dB the pad in the cable is. And we need four of these cables, but he only owns one)

My plan for him was he should buy the Laird TA3M Mini XLR to Female 3-Pin XLR cable for a RED ONE (but this cable is for the latest generation RED ONEs, they don't need a built in pad) then buy an additional pad such as perhapsWhirlwind IMPAD10. But would be nice to have some additional confirmation as to what strength is appropriate?! So he can be 110% sure.

Any insight to this is appreciated!

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45 minutes ago, Eric Toline said:

There are adjustable  -10, -20, -30 line to mic XLR to XLR barrel pads from Shure, Audio Technica, etc  that will do the job with a minimum of fuss. Do a search for adjustable line to mic level barrel pads.

Yes, I did suggest that as well to him. But am thinking he might prefer the cheaper fixed pads.


42 minutes ago, John Blankenship said:

Red One (original) cables are -12dB.


Thanks! Do you have a link to the source of this info? As I've been unable to dig up anything specific.


Also, I assume -10dB is close enough to "work" for scratch audio? As no specific fixed -12dB ones seem to exist.

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I own an R1 MX version. The original camera (non-mx) had some audio board problems. But most even non-MX cameras still out there (Red wants them back) have the UPGRADED board which handles audio very well. Have your buddy call the Bomb Squad (yes, they really call themselves this) and pull up the serial number of the camera and see if it's had the upgraded. If not, get them to make a recommendation.


I'll stress here because I feel there's a lot of diverging info on these cameras. The upgraded audio board RED1s handle audio extremely well. Just make sure the fan is turned to auto and it will cut off when record is enabled. Line level is great for my camera and others I have worked with. I have the Laird cable and it works well. Nothing special about it. Any XLR to mini/TA3 will work. Folklore has it that the 3 and 4 inputs are better than the 1 and 2. I don't know why you would need a hardware -10 Pad, but my SD has that function built in for C300s. My workflow is to send stereo mix to the camera and then ISOs are recorded on my Sound Device - I've been doing this for years with no issues. It also holds timecode well, but they are battery hogs so they'll be a lot of powering up and down. 


My experience working as a producer and mixer is that not all REDs are created equal. Owner operator cameras are much more stable than abused frankensteined rental house units with weird connectors and audio boxes. From a mixing perspective I'm always happy to see a Sony or Alexa when I arrive on set.

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10 hours ago, Jimmygilmore said:

From a mixing perspective I'm always happy to see a Sony or Alexa when I arrive on set.

Agreed on that point! Panasonic too, have enjoyed working working with the Panasonic Varicam LT and Panasonic EVA1.



10 hours ago, Jimmygilmore said:

Folklore has it that the 3 and 4 inputs are better than the 1 and 2.

Strange, any idea why? Maybe it is just on those used and abused rental units that have got 1/2 used hundreds of times more than 3/4 and got a little wonky occasionally in the process


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