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Gotham Sound Interview "Off Mic with Danny Michael"

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Cheers for posting this. Danny was a wonderful host when I visited NYC and the Rent set (and thanks to Peter and co for the intro).

As a complete sideball, when I clicked to watch it there was also beside it a marvellous Jim Bowen standup routine about Bullseye, a UK tv show from my youth (which I am enjoying more now on repeats). Cannot do a link for some reason but enjoy both !! 


Jez Adamson



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Nice interview - great to see some of the clips from older movies Danny worked on & hear about the methods used. Thanks for posting!

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A wonderful experience listening to the measured opinions of a great sound mixer!

Glengarry Glen Ross has long been a favorite movie of mine.

For me another great example of Danny's work is "Two Weeks Notice".

His observations about current shooting conditions are so true.

Having recorded many features, dramas and documentaries to a mono Narga

from 1978 to 1992 I appreciate the skills it gave me plus the modern equipment that

we all have access to now, is continuing to help us deliver great work



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