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History of Unreleased Apple Products

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my Favorite Phone I got that in the 1980's . About the time my daughter was born. I loved that little girl Almost as much as my phone...


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That looks fun (I'll watch it later). There's some more links and info on Apple concepts here:


e55 – Crazy Apple Concepts

February 18, 2017

This episode covers a bunch of Apple products that barely or never happened, including a magic tablet, IPTV vaporware, and some wild green machines from Macworld.



Including a concept Macworld (where I was an editor at the time) and Frog Design came up with in the mid 1990's an effort to (1) create a fun article and (2) prompt then-boring (ie- pre-Jobs II) Apple to integrate clever (and actually existing) technology and design into their computers. With Frog, we made mockups of a desktop and a laptop computer. There are some links in the Simplebeep page above. Here's one picture:



Crazy, huh? 

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I always laugh at the silly accusations of "fanboyism" regarding Apple. They are far from perfect but we can never be thankful enough for what they achieved in a Microsoft dominated monopoly. 


And don't forget a non-Apple product which wasn't so successful but whose influence can't be underestimated: the NeXT. I administered one at the Dept. of Mathematics at the University in the early 90's. It was in a sort of no man's land challenging the traditional Unix workstations (Sun, HP, Silicon Graphics, IBM, Intergraph, Apollo...) and at the same time it competed against the top of the line Macs at the time (Quadras).


I have one at home (the guys from the University offered it as a gift when they were going to dump it to recycle 10 years ago) and it still amazes people to see what was the real state of the art in software in 1992. They just think I am kidding. 


Core Audio comes from NeXTStep's SoundKit. They got a lot of stuff right. The Cube even had a built in Motorola DSP56000 inside with full development software. And by 1995 (?) their operating system worked on Intel, Motorola (68000), Sun (SPARC) and HP (PA/RISC) machines.


And nowadays Windows still struggles with proper audio support (there is still some driver chaos with that "ASIO" thing, etc).



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