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  1. What I think of as a "boiling" sound is usually bad contacts or a (failing) bad capacitor.
  2. Funny, every time I think of Muzak I picture 4 or 5 folks in a elevator ever so slightly swaying back and forth to the Muzak version of "Girl From Ipanema"...
  3. Idea: Pink Floyd on a barge at sea and a array of Neumann mic's if front of the sound mirrors! What would you call that album?
  4. Ditto, advice here has saved me time and money. There are a few here that are just asses, but by an large killer experience.
  5. Eric can you provide a link to purchase? I gave up after 20 min search... I am in love with the fact that the internet can find me parts for repairing gear. ( I repair gear...) 20 years ago it was hit or miss to find obscure parts... now days... THANK YOU INTER-WEB! Ha! , JP
  6. This link is a stand alone cable extra beefy. looks like they use 2 wires for each pin. I wonder if this is the same cable they use for internal, just take off the male end and solder that to the interior pole connector? https://ktekpro.com/product/kmbc1-mighty-boomcable/
  7. I believe he is using an f8. Next time it happens I'll tell him to go direct to the mic with a quality cable to id the source of his "unwanted sonic visitors". Chime in Gavin, I think he is a member here...
  8. Good to know Eric, I'll search the inter web...
  9. He travels, pbs crew. He has not had a issue local Tucson... BTW Gavin chime in...
  10. The connectors are decent Neutrik. I really think the weak link is the interior cable... The bridging cable to the recorder is all quality cable/connectors. Built in filters are good for perhaps static locations that your trying to filter out ONE radio station... ( small band width) this is a run and gun rig.
  11. I just repaired a K-tek segmented pole for a freind that had a disconnected ground wire at the female XLR. Easy fix, cut off an inch and re-flowed new wire. I was struck at how cheap the internal coil wire was (like 4 or 5 strands of tiny ground wires relying on contact with cheap foil for ground shielding. I realize they are using coiled wire like those old cheapo guitar cables! He had complained that since he owed it, the pole, at sensitive locations the "B-morning Zoo" inane chatter would pop in for a unwanted sonic visit. My questions are 1. Is there a superior internal coiled wire to be had anywhere to purchase and replace? 2. Has anyone grounded the whole aluminum pole to pin 1 in order to possibly improve RF rejection? Thanks for any tech comments
  12. For those of you that are old enough to remember staring at this for hours on end. My favorite screen saver... 1970's Marantz meter.
  13. This posts an interesting question, for wind problems besides foam/blimp/cat hair. What is your preference for roll off? In the mic analog roll off - preamp digital roll off or preamp analog roll off. I know my preference. Preamp analog roll off (usually most control and less phase problems). Perhaps this should be a separate topic? Feel free to move it moderator.
  14. Perfect idea Larry, I only worry that with one battery There might be a "low power-off" mode that the unit might slip into. Creating a batt rig and putting the meter in-line would be a next step.
  15. The wires have a coating on them similar to headphone wiring. Search the interweb for videos "how to tin headphone wires" multiple great tips.
  16. I could see my equipment rack (all 12v BTW) on the back of this with a large agm battery powering the equipment in the day and the Agm batt would have enough juice to carry me home at night. A Sonic Symbiotic Relationship of sorts... charge it with a few solar roof cells and bang! Your off the grid with a cool low carbon footprint! look Ma, no ground loops...
  17. Ha Perhaps his first name is not ben.. Doh Ha! google stiller mod oktava .... Darn edit it is Sitler... Hitler with a S and it is bill not ben... the DYI mod is only 39 bucks...
  18. If you are decent with a soldering gun Ben Stiller sells a kit, parts and detailed directions. Mod one of yours and A/B them, It's like riding a bicycle for the first time... It will wow you!
  19. Yeah, new should be show room clean. The real 012's to buy though is the modded vintage ones. The Russians made some great capsules on the early years but the active components they used were garbage, basically the mod's (Jolly, Stiller or Dorsey) replace all the Transistors, caps and a few of the resistors inside the mic. search ebay - oktava 012 modded. Night and day comparison to the stock 012's.
  20. my Favorite Phone I got that in the 1980's . About the time my daughter was born. I loved that little girl Almost as much as my phone...
  21. You might purchase some compressed canned air online and have it sent to your guy, buy two and sell one to the camera guys for a profit. Ha! Here is a link to a freq finder. http://portal.sennheiser.co.uk/sifa
  22. Your welcome, language is fickle. What means one thing in one language can call down some bad juju in others. Ha! Best to you're film and great luck! FYI, he used the word "shooting in" everywhere "filming" was for the curious of you all out there.
  23. Wow, this tiltle is going to have the internet robots working overtime. I would delete this post faster than all fast. You should have titled it "filming in". Dont bother with me robots I am in arizona... Ha! JP
  24. I have always wondered why we don't use the Schumann resonance as the heartbeat of the world. We could easily adjust for the variables given that they are global. I'll bet some of you did not know the world produces a beat every 7.8 ms Not to mention it would be a part of US.... what we feel naturally (we cant hear that low but we sure can feel it!) https://www.sedonanomalies.com/schumann-resonance.html
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