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Lectrosonics SM tx sma mod


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I have a bunch of SMa transmitters with the fixed antenna and would love to switch them over to removable sma style.


The last time I had them serviced I asked Lectro if they could do it but they said no (even though they used to have the SM E01 transmitters with the sma antenna....) so I was wondering if anyone here knew of a way to mod my transmitters. 




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On 11/2/2018 at 8:14 PM, ryanpeds said:

I would think you would have to completely disassemble the SM so that you could machine a larger hole into the spot where the antenna comes through. 

 Yeah I was hoping to avoid that. Lectro made a series of SM (not SMV) transmitters with the removable antenna so I was hoping they had a system in place to just swap out the guts of my SMa ones into those older shells but I guess not. 




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If you want a look at the PCB without opening one up, there are internal photos with the FCC certification reports at https://www.fcc.gov/oet/ea/fccid


In some cases FCC certification might depend on a non-removable antenna.  If that is the case then such a mod would void the FCC certification.  Obviously that would be one possible reason Lectro could not do it for you.  I have noticed, though that for some devices with non-removable antennas, the model sent for testing had a removable antenna.


The FCCID is on the outside of the case.  If you want to guess at one without a device in hand, the grantee code for Lectrosonics is DBZ and the product code is usually some derivative of the model name.

In the case of the SMa, it may well share the same FCCID as the original SM - since the (a) in the model designator indicated a change to servo bias input and might not have required recertification.

Also, the single and double battery variants are electrically identical and share FCCIDs.

There are separate IDs for different block ranges, such as (E)xtended, (L)ow, (M)id, and (H)igh.

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