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    I am a still photographer working on collecting visual and aural ethnographic materials. As a researcher my work is inspired by the work of Alan Lomax (ethnomusicologist) and John Collier Jr. (visual anthropologist). My aural research interests include folklore, oral history and photo-elicitation.

    I am working to tune my ears to the rich world of sound. I am learning to record dialogue and natural sounds. In recording dialogue, I strive for high quality recordings, but the captured “spoken content” is often more important to me than the nuances of microphones. That said, I often record in the field and face some of the audio challenges that location sound people do.

    What interests me the most about participating on this site is to increase my audio knowledge and to understand the way the members solve complex issues that they face in their work.


    Mark Kirchner
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  1. The best way to search the JWSound site is to use google and add jwsound to the starch topic like this - long shotgun microphones jwsound
  2. Sean, I believe you can send the cos11 to Japan for repair. I have had Wilcox Sound repair 2 Cos 11 lavs for me. What did slow my repair down was that Sanken was back ordered on repair parts for white Cos 11 mics. Sorry to hear you had poor service from Wilcox. There is a guy on JW Sound from Istanbul that is repairing Cos-11s to. best mark
  3. I bet if you gave the exact model number of the 3pin Lemo connector someone will have your answer. I have only wired 4 & 5 pin solder type Lemo connector myself.
  4. Contact Lemo. They post good information on their website.
  5. I sent an email to Ambient. I will post the reply, but still curious if anyone ran into this problem. mark
  6. Ambient Eumel EMP 5 S Voltage Inconsistencies I was testing the voltage on 4 Ambient Eumel EMP 5S 48V power converter and found the following: EMP # 1 Voltage on Pins 1 & 2 = 6.15V and on Pins 1 & 3 = 2.18V EMP # 2 Voltage on Pins 1 & 2 = 6.15V and on Pins 1 & 3 = 2.18V EMP # 3 Voltage on Pins 1 & 2 = 6.15V and on Pins 1 & 3 = 0V EMP # 4 Voltage on Pins 1 & 2 = 6.15V and on Pins 1 & 3 = 0V All 4 Eumel EMP 5 S units will work with my Sanken COS 11-D, Sennheiser MKE2 which are wired for Lectrosonics servo bias. My Countryman B6s (servo wiring ) will work on the EMP #1 and #2, but will not work with EMP #3 and #4 due to lack of audio signal/voltage on pin 3. My Question. Has anyone had this problem or know of a change that Ambient made in the past? I am getting ready to take the units apart to compare the different units, but I thought I would ask here first. Many Thanks, mark
  7. You should build this type of antenna for one of your transmitters. It is Omni directional, most antennas for receivers are directional like log periodic dipole array (LPDA) “Shark Fin” antennas.
  8. SMA connectors do have a 500 “connection cycle” rating. I have made SMA antennas and can say from experience the soldering the SMA connector pin on to steel cable can be challenging. Also the wax like material that forms the dielectric insulator is made of polytetrafluoroethylene. I had to look that name for you, it is not on the top of my mind.
  9. Please help the sound community by purchasing your gear from dealers that support the professional sound community. Gotham Sound Trew Audio Location Sound Corp and Pro Sound (Florida) 954-289-4770. Good luck on your gear research.
  10. I have built BNC antennas before. Here is a photo of a BNC antenna that I made attached to a Lectrosonics ground plane antenna.
  11. Rachel, Replace the metal screws with nylon screws. They still may burnish the finish of the microphone. Good luck. mark
  12. You can see that soldering on the circuit board one needs to be very precise. This is a G3 I did a few years ago.
  13. https://wavreport.com/2017/03/25/tutorial-how-to-sma-your-lma/ Hi Evan, This is not the same transmitter, but it may help you decide if a SMa can be modified. I hope this helps. Mark
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