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    I am a still photographer working on collecting visual and aural ethnographic materials. As a researcher my work is inspired by the work of Alan Lomax (ethnomusicologist) and John Collier Jr. (visual anthropologist). My aural research interests include folklore, oral history and photo-elicitation.

    I am working to tune my ears to the rich world of sound. I am learning to record dialogue and natural sounds. In recording dialogue, I strive for high quality recordings, but the captured “spoken content” is often more important to me than the nuances of microphones. That said, I often record in the field and face some of the audio challenges that location sound people do.

    What interests me the most about participating on this site is to increase my audio knowledge and to understand the way the members solve complex issues that they face in their work.


    Mark Kirchner
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  1. I use Sound Guys Solutions quick mount with the locking stud with my MKH816 and Rycote with no problems.
  2. Measure just the part of the antenna that is above the connector.
  3. Paul, See post number 40. I think it will answer your question. mark
  4. Hi Vin, My wife and I will give one of your recipes a try. Thanks for sharing. mark
  5. See photo number 1. The part numbers stickers are in the shot.
  6. https://www.lectrosonics.com/images/PDFs/wg2000.pdf
  7. I found this wireless guide by Lectrosonics very informative. https://www.lectrosonics.com/images/PDFs/wg2000.pdf
  8. Guys, I am glad everyone had some fun with my DIY. The image has been on my phone for almost a year and I am happy that I can delete it now.
  9. I looked for the Lectrosonics annual April 1 post this morning, but did not find one. Happy April 1sts.
  10. I am looking for recommendations for the next step in my power distribution bow. Thinking of putting it into a pelican case.
  11. Hi Trey, I do not have the single battery model. LTs and SMDWDs only.
  12. Max, I thought I would test some Eneloop Pro batteries in a SMDWB today. SMDWB @ 50mW Backlit On LED On 7 + hours
  13. Just a heads up. The “Lectrosonics Family” lost Howard Kaufman last week. I think you will get a response to your questions, but it may take a little longer. Check out the Lectrosonics Instagram page for more information about Howard’s legacy. My condolences to his family and his Lectrosonics family.
  14. http://txsound.com/blog/obsession-with-fake-sennheiser-mkh416-microphones/
  15. The best way to search the JWSound site is to use google and add jwsound to the starch topic like this - long shotgun microphones jwsound
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