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No video playback in Pro Tools 2020.3

Ed Denton

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I have just upgraded to the latest version of Pro Tools and I am unable to get video to play in Pro Tools. I have tried bringing in MXF, DNxHD, and MP4 (h.264) files and none will play back in Pro Tools. The videos will play normally in Quicktime, VLC etc. With the video in the edit window I can see the video keyframes in the video track and the extracted audio plays but the video window is black. Session is set to same timecode framerate as imported video which is 25 fps. I have tried disabling and reenabling the video engine, deleting and reinstalling Pro Tools to no avail. It is the latest version Pro Tools 2020.3 and my computer is a Macbook Pro 2015 i5 processor running MacOS Mojave. When I installed Pro Tools I installed the Pro Tools dmg, the Codecs LE dmg and Codecs PE dmg and also the HD Driver dmg. Are there any other drivers or additional add-ons that I need to play video? Extremely frustrating that its not working out of the box.

Screen Shot 2020-04-25 at 5.41.36 pm.png

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Hi Ed,

Another Australian member also bitched about this.
(And had other needs.)

My LTCreader nowadays can playback video in sync with incoming TC.

(From PT it can be LTC or MIDI)



Under the hood it uses VLC for playback, and it can run in the background.

It likes ProRes or DNxHD files, long GOP does not work well for accurate sync.


Now, it's still work in progress, but do toy with it.

(There is a free demo.)
Let me know if you have questions / feature requests.



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On 5/1/2020 at 1:06 PM, TVPostSound said:

Go to /Library/Application Support/Avid/AVX2_Plug-ins and empty the contents of this folder if any.

Go to /Users/Shared/AvidVideoEngine and delete this folder.

Restart PT

Hello, I'm having this same problem but I am on Windows 10 so I don't know which files I'm supposed to delete. If anyone can help, I will appreciate it. Thank you!

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Also take care that you did not formate your drive in case-sensitive as that dont allow video playback  in PT. A friend of mine had the same problem like you, he bought a macbook second hand from a dealer, the drive was formated case-sensitive...

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I'm sure this is solved by now but just for the sake of conversation, If my memory is correct Pro Tools was having some quicktime/video engine issues with an update that happened around the time this was posted so that was most likely the cause, I can't remember if it was universal or tied to an OS update though.  If by the off chance anyone is still on that version and still having the issue then simply updating PT should fix the bug.

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