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The hearing systems of fish!

Izen Ears

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I was curious about it, found this article, and was thoroughly entertained!  They can regenerate scilia and receptors!



Here’s a quote:


Fish do not need an outer or middle ear, since the role of these structures in terrestrial vertebrates is to funnel sound to the ear and overcome the impedance difference between air and the fluids of the inner ear. Since fish live in water, and have the same density as water, there is no impedance difference to overcome. Fish do have an inner ear which is similar in structure and function to the inner ear of terrestrial vertebrates. The most important similarity between ears of all vertebrates is that sound is converted from mechanical to electrical signals by the sensory hair cells that are common in all vertebrates. Extreme high intensity sounds are able to fatigue or damage these cells, resulting in temporary or permanent hearing loss. However, fish continue to add sensory hair cells throughout their lives. In addition, there is evidence that fishes can repair sensory cells that have been fatigued due to sound exposures that cause a shift in auditory thresholds.”


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13 hours ago, The Immoral Mr Teas said:

You have inspired me to start shouting at the jumping salmon of the River Wear. More fun for lockdown, thanks! J


Careful you don't get escorted away...
Though the charge sheet might be amusing...

'Causing a breach of the peace by what your honour?'

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"Do you promise to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth"?


- "Yes, you're ugly"

- "See that woman over there, I'd really like [...]"

- "Should I continue or are you going to start asking me some questions"?


(Remembered from a Steven Wright gig sometime in the last century ...)

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I like the way the Albino Rat makes up for his presumed social disadvantage by his deep voice (yes I know ...).


But thank you Jason - an excellent contribution to probably THE most important topic on JW just now .... now if I could just figure out a way to juxtapose these animals with the instruments of the orchestra I could ... make a piece of art!




(actually I will remember to print a copy out of this, cheers!)

and (further edit) I've just realised what the 'C's are down at the bottom ... so more musical than scientific the original compiler ...?

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Wow that chart is so cool!!  I was utterly dumbfounded when an audiologist told me humans cannot make a sound higher than 6.5k, and that’s making the “thththth” sound by blowing through your teeth with your tongue touching them.


I wonder what that chart would look like for insects? And I see that bats are not on there, I know they can hear up to 120k, but can they make noises that high?


And, more from the book heh heh.  It’s called Does It Fart? and it’s fascinating!!


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