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  1. Does a mic cable’s impedance add some resistance? Which would mean what, a tiny bit of range affected on one antenna? I have run those Lectro plug on HMs on 100’ XLR and it worked great. Great thread! Dan Izen
  2. Izen Ears


    That’s insane and wrong. I’d freak out.
  3. Oh dude totally. I’d bet there are many human bodies in that Sarpy swamp!
  4. Ah well, missed the boat on those. Those look great!
  5. Nope. At call we throw in the previous day’s AAs for charging and take all the latest charged ones for the day. I never even thought about it! I’m just getting into this AA thing. I didn’t know there was any way to know or avoid a certain mA output! It says MaH on the charger, but isn’t that just the indicator of how much it’s charged each batt? We load however many AAs need to charge. What’s the concern for 1A charging? That is such a bounty of useful information! Thanks a lot for the great post. It totally explains so much that I had no idea about. Thanks so much! Dan Izen
  6. Great points. I totally left this info out. We are talking about cart vs bag and those are different beasts. You’d never put a powermax in a bag haha! Apologies for the OT, please continue with your discussion. Actually I’m curious, how are you metering these peak vs nominal values? Aren’t the peaks super fast and hard to measure? And, why are the peaks important if they’re so momentary? Re: my crap, my uneducated thoughts have always been that at 12 volts my sound cart passes 11 amps, but at 110 volts it’s only 1.2 amps. Nominal. But then again I am a dummy and am probably wrong.
  7. Of course I agree, and I find it strange because these Eneloops say they are 2550 MaH, and the energizer lithiums are 3000 MaH. That doesn’t seem like that much of a difference, but those lithiums last twice as long!
  8. Really? Is that so high? What is your cart? It’s your standard sound cart, Deva, 2x Venues, 3x hd monitors, Solice, Powermax Ultra, Bst-25, T4, led light bar and that’s it. Okay now I want to know what everyone else’s sound carts draw!
  9. Haha! Yes “charging” and “changing” do look similar!
  10. Yes it was a clamp meter over the hot, the cable was a special edison cable with the three wires loose (not in housing) so I could isolate the hot. Is that a lot? 1.2 amps seems like a low draw. I’m pretty sure the Powermax switches to 100% AC with a trickle charge to the batts, so that reading should have been accurate. We did it a few times throughout the day and it was the same. I forgot to try it without the monitors off. So I was right! Am I actually learning, or was I wrong? Watts = P right? I’ve been reading the 1954 Navy books on electricity (Van Valkenburgh) at a very slow pace. I want to learn how to service and build guitar amps, and Ohm’s law is constantly repeated. But my self-motivation sucks so I may have to take a cours
  11. I’m curious! Some time ago I tested the full 120 volt draw of my sound cart, by metering the Powermax power cable, and it was 1.2 amps. So that’s like 120 x 1.2 = 140 watts? I’m pretty dumb about this stuff and most likely just embarrassed myself haha! Dan Izen
  12. Just a li’l update: We got the Eneloop Pros + these weird 3rd party chargers that operate using 5 volt USB power. The stupid Panasonic chargers are AC! That threw me for a loop, but now we have the XTAR VC4 chargers and they’re great. Because we don’t have a genny on our truck this show, I devised a DC system that uses my backup Powermax + 2x old school PSC block batts, custom cables that go from XLR4 M to cigarette lighter receptacles, and finally some car USB chargers that can handle 1A output. With this system, as long as we get stung for a few hours per week, those chargers can run uninterrupted. We do not charge overnight, the system is powered down at wrap. It’s working great! I have to say there is a lot more freedom using rechargeables. In the past with the Energizer lithiums, I felt the need to run them down before changing. This led to lots of “last minute” batt changes, and on occasion that fun anxiety-based game “battery flashing during the long take” But now, we just change em whenever we feel like it, without the environmental guilt of not fully using a lithium. I’m just glad I didn’t have to pay for all this new crap! Dan
  13. https://tonedear.com/ GASP! This is so awesome! I’m gonna try it out. Anyone have any experience with this? Dan Izen
  14. Heh. I asked that at first, then noticed it was ten years old and edited my post. But if so - can me and Derek H split em?
  15. These are amazing. The Real Good Ole Days!
  16. Awesome article!!! I feel there are some errors but it’s a great read, thanks Jim!! Gonna post it on SG101. So we lost our drummer and instead I’ve been practicing drums like crazy, with the goal of getting some good demos. Now I’m working and I instantly lost my chops! I did get some good drums tracks, but I was so focused on playing, my ears weren’t detecting a bunch of stupid things! For example, this horrible loud ringing tone on the snare, with one stinking piece of gel it was solved. But all the tracks have it. Also I didn’t realize how crappy the toms sound when slammed super hard. When hit moderately they sound gorgeous, but slammed they get all “plappy,” “slappy,” just bad. It’s a jazz kit. Anyhow, when I get a decent recording I’ll post it here, promise!
  17. I heard those blast beat metal drummers can burn 8000 calories in one set!
  18. So with a 2TB drive, I’m pretty close then! Thanks for the corrections.
  19. Is it true that it was the 2nd AD who handed over the weapon? If so, damn. So many younger folks in high positions these days, without a fraction of the experience those who came before had. This is so sad. I feel terrible for Baldwin, something like that would utterly destroy me.
  20. I am interested in this, but I have never heard of a sound guy recording video! Is that a thing now? What is the purpose of this? I’ve been using a Smit monitor rack, which has great i/o including standard def. I think someone off of this site recommended them. I am considering changing it out to a single bigger monitor, because everybody sends quad feeds these days. Dan Izen
  21. So once again thank you everyone for your awesome and quick replies! I have decided to go with the Panasonic Eneloop Pro 2500s with their fancy new BQ-CC65 chargers. Dan Izen
  22. Oh dude thank you so much, this is exactly the information I was seeking. I will forget those and just go with the Eneloop 2500s. Thanks JW Sound!! Dan Izen
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