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Ambient internally cabled boom poles

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What have people’s experiences been like with internally cabled Ambient booms? How do they compare to K Teks cabled poles?


I do a fair share of bag mixing where I like to use an internally cabled pole and am looking for a non solder solution for when I have a boom op. 


I currently have a K Tek but don’t have any experience with the cabled Ambient poles. Any insight would be appreciated.

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I have an older 5100, straight cabled, that I use for bag jobs and fiction booming. Does, what it is supposed to. When in a wireless setup, plugon TX fit on the QAPL.

I do prefer a shorter booms for mixing though.

Only the lately released 5Series from Ambient allows "solderless" (dis-)assembly.

VdB may be worth a look, too. I think their 6-104 side heel is rather new and provides a needed option for me.


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Well, what sort of performance are you thinking of, cablewise? Coiled or straight? 

Generally I prefer Ambient over Ktek for their precision, smoothness of their surface and durability of the foot.  

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PSC elite poles have an internal cable that can be removed easily.

I can only speak to the pole with XLR out the bottom and not the right angle XLR bottom.

Unscrew the bottom XLRM, take off the top boom screw, and drop the XLRF through the pole. Non solder internal cable to no cable.

This is not Ambient though. 

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