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Looking to by used Lectro or new EW512, I'm in LA, which blocks should I get?

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As some members here who I have recently hired to sound mix will attest, I MUCH prefer to hire pros to mix sound. 

But for those low end projects where there simply isn't the budget for a sound mixer on set, I am looking to buy one or two bargain

Lectro 400 sets. Lately I work mostly in LA, which blocks should I look for? Seems like block 19 commands a used premium but not sure

about if those are people in LA snapping them up?


According to the Lectro chart, I should be looking at block 21 and 22 for LA, but I know there is no perfect block to get and that no matter which I have,

it may not work well in a particular area. I found a used UMR411A receiver with an SM, both look to be in decent shape, for $1,200.00. It is block 21. If you

are an LA sound mixer, what blocks would you buy, in 2020 if you were getting used Lectro 400 sets? Is $1,200.00 decent for that or should I be patient and wait 

for a bargain? I've had some real scores this year, got a $900.00 brand new set of small LED lights from someone hard up for cash who only wanted $300.00.

I plan on getting RF Explorer too.


Or would you save some money and get a pair of new EW512 sets and have the SMA antenna mod done instead? I know Lectro is better built and more power

but the EW512 G4s aren't bad either, I've used them and with the SMA antenna mod, not a bad set too for a casual no f/t sound mixer (who keep in mind, will

always hire a pro whenever possible). Am I correct that the wide band block on the EW512 might give me more choices about where I can use them even though

they aren't as powerful? Keep in mind that 98% of my use is with transmitter and receiver in line of sight within 20' of each other, I'm not doing car stuff or

high end stuff going through walls. Usually walk and talk or presenter stuff on a stage. I only use wired mics for sit down interviews.


Thanks for the recommendations!

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1 minute ago, Dan Brockett said:

Any opinions on used Lectro 400 set versus a new Sennheiser G4 EW512?

FWIW, I am almost always within 20' of the transmitter so I don't think the extra power is all that important for how I will use them.

Lectro 400 every time. I still use my  UM400a s regularly. They sound fantastic and the range incredible. The Sennheiser EVO line doesn’t even come close.

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I've mainly been considering the EW512 for cost. I've been patient but locating Block 19 400 sets for a reasonable price has been frustrating. 

Not being a f/t sound mixer, it seems like it's going to cost me around $2k for a set. Of course, the Lectro will sound better but it's not making

much financial sense for a non pro to spend so much when I will often hire a pro who will have Lectros.

If you guys have any tips for locating a 400 set in Block 19 for a reasonable cost, LMK. Been watching Ebay and the Marketplace here, am I missing

another source for finding a good set at a reasonable cost?

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