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653 MHz (duplex gap) use in NYC?

Philip Perkins

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653 - 657 MHz, 20 mW (EIRP) - Part 74 License Required

614 – 616 & 657-663 MHz, 20 mW - Non Part 74


So technically you need a Part 74 license and you can't broadcast anything over 20mW of power legally.  *Should* be open though.

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2 minutes ago, Derek H said:

Don’t be a narc, Codyman! ;)

*Quickly closes pelican case full of Block 25 R1a's*

I have no idea what you're talking about.


I do now have a Block 20 IFBT4 with some R1a's there so slowly but surely I'm moving away from my outlaw past.  But I will say I get range for days anywhere in the US of A using 658.600mhz as a hop...

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I can still find what appear to be usable frequencies in the block 25, duplex gap in NYC. As with anything related to production in NYC, the availability of frequencies change significantly from city block to block. With that said, I still have two Lectro 401s on block 25, but it has been some time since I have actually used them. I once in awhile bring them to locations in Manhattan, to scan and have ready, in a pinch, but have mostly moved over to 19-21. It is all quite congested, at this point.

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NYC duplex gap question update for NYC sound folks: any advice on this freq zone for the area around Lincoln Center?  This is for a couple of  G3/G4 type handhelds and the small battery powered receivers (no ext ants), for rehearsal use within about 70ft of range, inside a building.  I know it's a dicey idea but I may be forced to go this way.


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