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wig tapes - what are you using and why?


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I created this thread to share experiences. After all, these are products never intended for our craft though I often prefer them over what comes with concealer starter kits or "our industry" offers.

For decades, I've been using these 3M tapes, either on on rolls, as prepared circles or stripes. (The circles are great and fast for the round DPA concealers for a quick application/secene, not for a long day). Until I came across Walker tapes this year. I've used "Lace Front" and "Ultra Hold" on 2 independent productions. On skin and on wardrobe, either with some fur or concealers. While "Ultra Hold" is advertised as the most sticky in their product range, the Lace Front stuff appears a lot more difficult to remove from wardrobe without residue. Lace Front was also a pain to remove from Bubble Bee concealers and it tears the little bridge on the back apart easily. In other words, I prefer LF over UH, so far. Regarding fur, both have the potential to render the piece trash-worthy.


Besides all that, what I've also learned, use Teflon coated or "non sticky" advertised scissors.


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I use Super Stick It that I cut myself into little pieces and they stick to the back of Ursa Mini Mounts.  By far the simplest and best solution I've ever found.  I usually try to attach to clothes, but I've also have a lot of luck attaching it to skin too (usually also use 3M medical tape along the wire beneath the mounts to give it an extra bond to the skin when I do that though).  This setup works 95+% of the time for me.

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