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Lectro Controller - Mobile App For Managing Lectrosonics Devices

Message added by Jeff Wexler,

This post would be more appropriate as Press Release and it really feels like a promotional advertisement. I had to move it from the Current section to Manufacturers & Dealers, a slightly better fit but still questionable.


Regards,  Jeff Wexler  --  JWSOUNDGROUP

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Dear Lectrosonics users,
We are introducing "Lectro Controller", a new mobile app for managing your Lectrosonics devices.



With this app you will be able to:

  • Set up your transmitters using dweedle tones.
  • Connect to your DSQD,Venue2 or M2T over a network.
  • RF Scanning (while connected to your receiver)
  • Frequency coordination.

And many more to come!

It is available for both Android and iOS: 


Adapted for mobiles and tablets.


Contact email: lectro-controller@coelaudio.com

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20 hours ago, RunAndGun said:

Any plans (or ability) to make it work with the 822 or something like an RF Explorer?  I've been wondering why we haven't had a mobile app that could scan RF and handle freq. coord to avoid intermod.

You can already connect it to your DSQD or Venue2, perform a scan and use the frequency coordination to avoid intermodulation. That's already integrated with the app.  Connecting to the 822 would be possible (not planned atm) only with the android version as iOS does not allow Serial Usb connection.

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21 hours ago, IronFilm said:

Could you make this work with the first generation Venues as well? 


I will try to implement it in the next updates.

9 hours ago, SeanMAC said:

Just found this thread, thanks for making this app! Very cool, and really nice UI. 5 Stars from me!


Thank you! Appreciate it 😀

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9 hours ago, IronFilm said:

Could you make this work with the first generation Venues as well? 


Seems to me like that would be possible.  The VRMWB serial command protocol is similar, but not necessarily identical to the currently supported devices.  That part is all that the app developer would need to implement.


Since the original venue does not have a network port, the end user would need to set that up.  There are  there are several ways to tunnel the serial interface through a TCPIP connection, and Wireless Designer already supports that.  The GlobalCache device in the Lectrosonics tutorial video is one option.  The VRMWBs that I use are connected via USB to a Raspberry Pi.  Internally the VR uses an FTDI chip, so a rule file can tell the Linux udev system to use the built-in FTDI driver and present the USB connection as a virtual com port.  At that point a server like ser2net can make the VCP available over the network.

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  • Added DCHT dweedle tones compatibility!!
  • The Rx IP Controller has been redesigned and multiple features has been added
  • Added capability to select multiple scans at a time in the frequency coordination section
  • Fixed a bug where app crashed when playing a tone in iOS
  • The app does not longer require microphone permissions.
  • Minor fixes

This update will be out on monday.


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  •  Fixed issue where there was no way to go back to the main menu from the FCW window on a device.
  • Added lock icon and changed the colors FCW list.
  • Added Talkback indication when TB is enabled.
  • Updated the color of the check boxes in the scan list
  • Minor fixes


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