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audio timecode delay shift sync ultrasync one tentacle sync zoom f6


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On 3/3/2022 at 9:16 PM, Sound said:

Zoom confirmed that audio jumps can happen in dual recording mode and that they are working on it.




I've bought a Zoom F6 to be able to record a couple of lavs when filming with my camera, but I haven't used it much yet.


Please let us know when they have fixed the audio jump bug.


I plan to slave the F6 with a Tentacle Sync E and not use the internal sync generator unless I really need to.





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For what it's worth it;

I recently had to do an endurance test for multiple TC devices and I used the Zoom F6 for that. Jammed the F6 once, let it run on internal TC. Had 5 TC devices connected to the Audio inputs (LTC) and recorded several polywav files and monowav files over the course of a long working day (10+ hours) without power cycling any of the devices. All files, and I mean ALL, stayed completely in time, no drift, without dropouts/skipping, etc.
FW of the F6 was 1.7.

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3 hours ago, Philip Perkins said:

Good test.  What TC devices did you use besides the Zoom?

Tentacle first gen, tentacle second gen, and 3 prototype Deity TC-1 boxes (that was the focus of my test actually, the latter 🤫)

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