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Sd888 and StudioLogic control surface


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I‘m running the same StudioLogic mixer. I’m limited on what type jobs I can do, but for a stationary work with multiple mics it seems works fine. There are no instructions for using it with an 8 series, so I’m fumbling about learning functionality. I like pushing the select button to enter the channel set-up. I asked Sound Devices if there were any instructions using the MixFace on my 833, they responded:


We do not currently have a guide available for the SL Mixface, though I can absolutely make a request for this to be developed with our team.  The most basic functions are written on the Mixface itself, with Rec, Mute, Solo, and Select all affecting your channels on the 8-Series. You have the option to map the 4 lines of buttons directly below the DAW/CTRL button to whatever function you may wish to have a dedicated button for. To map, go into the 8-Series Menu and select Controllers -> Mapping -> Learn. Then, push in the button you wish to map on the Mixface and select a feature. Like all our other controllers, you have quite a bit of customization available to you on this little unit!


Does the 833 solo??? I still have to figure basic mapping. It seems durable enough (except I HATE fingerprints on the body). I have to find a small case for it. I have a small USB keyboard plugged into the MixFace, but have not gotten it to work yet.


I was on the sideline for almost 3 years due to an accident, so getting back into the game is challenging! I have plenty of time to figure things like this little mixer out.


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