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New RT Loudness meter


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Since I needed one, and wanted to toy around a little, I've made one.

It's intended to monitor levels during recording / live streaming where you want to achieve a specific overall loudness.


Mac only at the moment.

If someone wants to toy with it, and if possible, compare it with other stuff out there, drop me a line.


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Not having used this, since I'm not a mac user, I'm wondering if you can somehow scroll the graphs and have them timestamped? One of the things I love about Reaper is that you can get this report after rendering where you can actually see peaks and clipping points and have them timestamped. I don't know if that's available on other DAWs.. 
I've also used Youlean Loudness which I like, and the reason I like it is because the graph is scrollable Very helpful!

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Well, LoudnessChange (available for Win as well) gives you a full list of trouble areas.
Not graphical, but in a list, and / or as Avid Markers. (I could add XMP markers for Premiere.)

Scrolling trough the graph is meaningless IMHO. (But I could be wrong.)
What you want in post is make a nice mix according to your ears, then see if it's OK by the specs.

This thing is intended for recording / streaming / broadcasting. What use is scrolling? It's in the past, you're still recording, nothing more you can do about it...

However, I could add a log function so if you did recording for post later, you see trouble spots.
But then again, if you are doing post, you go over the file anyways, and a new scan will be quite fast.

Creating the graph with time information is not that hard, but what is 'time'? Relative to start? Of the actual timecode?
The whole idea of this thing is to have an easy to read overview to keep your mix 'around' the desired level.
(For poor men, with my old RTW meter I could easily target -23 LUFS by just keeping the peaks around 0....)

But again, it's no issue to make these things, I've done all before, just not combined into one new product 🙂


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PC version also available now, but in a sort of debug modus.
It might be that there is a 600 Msecs delay.
(Still good enough for rock 'n roll, but the meter on the right is sorta kinda more meaningless then. (it is meaningless already, as it shows the last M value, but that is average over the past 400 Msecs)
The graph will be good though, will you a nice indication of what you are doing, and the status line WILL be accurate.

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4 hours ago, Bouke said:

Note, for non-live scanning, it can be done way faster than RT

FWIW, Sound Forge Pro (v11 and later) can also scan a 1 hour program in less than a minute and display the peak , RMS dB and loudness (LU) factors. It can also export the factors to the clipboard to document or print. It also has a real-time loudness meter option.

btw, I am a moderator on Magix (Sound Forge) forums. Magix also publishes the Vegas Pro video NLE which has a substantial DAW built in. Both were published by Sony prior to the 2016 acquisition. (Sonic Foundry was the original developer).

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