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TC Bleed with Remote Audio CABETASD633 W/ SD 633/833


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I have recently had an issue where timecode is sent up the L/R audio snake feed to the camera, and is (obviously) heard on return feed.

I am a Sound Devices 833 user since 1-23 and prior to that an SD 633 user. I can get the same effect just plugging the lemo and return ends

to the mixer and listening to return!

Remote audio says they will take back the 2 snakes with this issue, Sound Devices had not seen/ heard of bleed issues... so i faxed out both snakes on 633 and 833, powered via battery and ac....same result!

Anyone else amongst this august group have similar issues?


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many many years ago, i made up some cables so that i could get a timecode feed from camera on my umbilical to my 788T.
because i used the 442 spec of wiring for a 10 pin Hirose, i used pin 7 for the timecode signal.
because i had, initially, used an SQN umbilical, which was made on the assumption of balanced audio returns, i had timecode bleed on the right return.
i then bought some VanDamme 4 pair cable (and subsequently Mogami) , and wired it so that it still had the same pin outs as the 442 spec, but - and here is the important bit, the audio return (pin 5&7) were on a pair of cables, and the timecode was on a pair (6&8). this significantly reduced the timecode bleed on the return. i then modified my SQN umbilical by swapping pins 6 and 7 at both ends of the cable, which made that cable usable with a timecode return as well.


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