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Painting Lav Mics

Rustic River

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I did a search and dug up some pretty old threads about painting lav mics, but I wanted to see if there are any new or improved methods today. I have several Sanken COS-11Ds in black, white and beige and am wanting to have two in brown. Sanken doesn’t offer this color whereas DPA and Countryman do. I wish they did as I would buy two instantly!


Ad such, I’m thinking of painting two of my beige mics to be brown. I’m wanting this to be permanent if possible and was wanting to paint the wire, the mic capsule, the windscreen, and the alligator clip.


Do any of you have suggestions on a permanent paint for this? I’m assuming it would have to be somewhat of a flexible paint since the wire is flexible. I’m open to any ideas. Thanks!

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In the past, I have used permanent markers of different colors on my cos-11 lavs, screens and several inches of the cable. The color lasts several weeks if not abused and you have the benefit of being able to remove the color and apply a different color later.


If you are going the paint route, maybe use a paint made for vinyl car seats. Yes there is a specific spray paint for this. It remains flexible.

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I used Copic markers to paint several white B6 caps to match certain shades of blue shirts, including a brown version on a 6060 to match a special leather jacket. You can paint various layers with different colours to find the exact colour match. Copic have many options including very light colors that just add a certain shade. You can clean them off with alcohol (Sidenote: don't try that with DPA cables: the alcohol dilutes the softeners from their Mogami cables and they will result stiff)
I guess the tank like COS11 cable will withstand it.

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I've used Sharpie pens and fingernail polish on B6 caps, B3 bodies, and E6 arms (just sharpie) a fair number of times. But haven't tried coloring cables. I wonder...but don't know...if paint flexible enough to stretch with cable bends might also damage the cable. Maybe contact tech support for the maker of the lavs you want to paint. I'd bet they'd know what sorts of paint and ink would least damage their capsules and cables. 


Or perhaps some thin-wall heat-shrink tubing in a color that works?  Just thinking out loud...


Let us know what ends up working for you.

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13 hours ago, Humhed said:

Angelus leather paint works well.


I'm totally veering off topic, but I keep hearing about Angelus products. Though not in the context of applying them to leather. Which I think indirectly speaks well of their products. Cool that they're so versatile. 


For example: 


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