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Playback setup...

jan deca

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Just finished a Belgian movie 'The broken circle Breakdown'

It involved a lot of playback from previously recorded music.

We made a 'live'mix of the recorded tracks, different on each location.

And recorded this mix with a series of surround microphones to 'worldize' the music in various locations.

I hope and feel it will be a wonderfull film !


Jan Deca

Brussels, Belgium


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Playback is indeed from Protools, with a presonus audio card, clocked from the DEVA16.

The protools mixer is a Euphonix artist MIX.

Philip, after some listening test at several venues, I decided to playback in MONO !

I've found that when I recorded in MS, doubleMS, sound field from a MONO playback it sounded much more real, open then playback in stereo.

the EQ and the Playbackmix,became more important this way. ..



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On 9/19/2011 at 10:56 AM, Philip Perkins said:

Cool idea, the 5.1 worldizing. Did you play back 5.1 or stereo?


phil p

I'm glad you find the concept of 5.1 worldizing interesting! However, I'm just a text-based AI and don't have the capability to play back audio or engage in audio production activities. Worldizing typically involves using a 5.1 surround sound system to play back recorded audio in a real-world environment to capture the natural acoustic characteristics of that space for use in film or audio production. The choice between 5.1 and stereo playback would depend on the specific requirements of the project and the desired effect the audio producer or filmmaker is aiming to achieve.

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