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Martin Jelovsek

Microphones used in headsets for astronauts

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Hi guys


I hope that you will be able to help me as this is bugging me for couple of days now :)


The other day we had a discussion with couple of friends and one of them asked me a question on what type of microphones and headsets did the first astronauts use for communication? Was it dynamic, electret, condenser ... It got me curious and actually I cannot find the answer to that question ... If anybody here has any idea what was it used at the time? And who was developing them for them?


Thank you for the help :)


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By using the word "astronaut" - I take it to mean, that -

You are referring to the United States of America's space program:  "NASA?"

(To differentiate from the 'Soviet Union' (back in the day) -

As they used the term: космонавт 'cosmonaut' (English)


Because, the following information only applies to "NASA" ...




This reply will not answer your question, exactly?

(re:  What type of mics "Dynamic/ Electret /etc" - for the first astronauts ...)                                                                         


But ... (While I work on gathering that info)


You can read here - (the transition from the earlier headsets) 




See also:



See also:




For information on the 'current' technology? -




And, also: https://techport.nasa.gov/view/6982

And, also: https://sbir.nasa.gov/content/wevoice-inc


If this does not satisfy you? - Then, I suggest ...




( use the subject / option 'History' )


Or ...




If ...


Indeed, your inquiry is about the type of microphones used in Soviet's space program? - Well, then ... Good Luck?

Because, as I imagine it - The 'Soviet's' info might be a bit harder to come by?

(Maybe someone else can chime in on that?)

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Brilliant! I also hope someone can (and hopefully does). I would presume dynamic, consider crystal ... but I can only here offer my enthusiasm, not experience ... I know only what I like, and as Chuck Barris once said,

" I like botchalism "



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14 hours ago, The Immoral Mr Teas said:

 ... I would presume dynamic ...


I am doing a little more of my own research:




And, will get back with what I find ...

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I can only say I can't wait - I've been recently reading the 1986 National Geographic reports on MIR and others, and they took me back to the NG74 reports on Skylab. The Soviet tech was obviously secret often beyond needs (tho' they admitted the pencil) but it is hopefully nowadays ok for all to reveal what is not 'importantly' secret.


In the UK we had a splendid documentary a year or two ago, Knocking On Heaven's Door, about the preamble to the Soviet space programme from it's origins in Cosmism. As a general fan of industrial archeology I always hope for new info from folks who may have well signed the equivalent of our 'Official Secrets Act' which is now far from secret, important, or whatever - but who would nevertheless still hold off from saying they were using such and such helicopter or submarine comms in the (eg) USSR space programme.


Why the US decided to, or ended up, providing such minor info I'm not sure. Both the US and USSR programmes had their requirement to reach out and publicise details to the public. The USSR perhaps even went further in some ways than the US to reach out as such. Both had secrets, both were forced to be 'unsecret'.


Maybe even it's just a question of asking?

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