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  1. Hey Christopher, here is a list of our current setup: DJI Osmo Osmo Extension Arm Osmo Universal Mount Sennheiser G3 Lavs iPhone RODE Microphone
  2. Let me preface this post with the fact that I have been working on a small documentary piece and was hired to shoot video, stills, as well as capturing audio (yes, that is unfortunate). With our shoot requiring some international travel and thus a smaller footprint, I decided to leave behind our MOVi/C100 stabilization rig in favor of the much smaller DJI Osmo. Doing so allowed me to shoot with the Canon C300, but could also mix in a little stabilization when needed. My question going into the shoot was how practical would it be to do a walk and talk setup while still recording our subjects conversations? I knew that one of my shooting days would consist of me running up and down some unpaved roads and this, coupled with 90 degrees temperatures, wouldn’t allow me to shoot AND wear my SoundDevices 633 pack. So, I opted to risk it and leave my audio gear at the hotel for the day. In stepped the Osmo, paired with a set of Sennheiser lavs. With the attached RODE mic only picking up ambient audio, I broke out my lavs and connected via the 3.5mm mic jack. As a one man crew, this allowed me to shoot stabilized footage as well as picking up great sounding audio. Obviously, this wouldn’t be an option for a commercial shoot, even a traditional doc shoot, but with limited space and limited resources, you can be sure that I will be using this same set up on my next small shoot.
  3. Although the F8 App is lacking some controls, I have found that by creating ten folders (01, 02, etc.) at the beginning of my day, I can just change the name of the folder, via the app, as the day progresses. I am currently using the F8 as a backup to my SD633, but have found the app to be very helpful when recording in remote situations using a Sanken CUB01 boundary microphone. On several documentary shoots, there have been instances when I have set up the F8 near a meeting scenario (thanks to a short Sanken cord) and can make my adjustments without disturbing the scene. Obviously, this is the case on a shoot with a small footprint, but in general, it has been pretty handy.
  4. Mungo and Jim, thanks for the help. I reached out to Sennheiser and after a little digging, they were able to get everything squared away. Another reason that I am glad to have stuck with them. Thanks!
  5. Does anyone have recommendations on external DC power options for the F8? I am looking at an option from Switronix ( http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/333349-REG/Switronix_NP_50_NP_50_NiMH_NP_1_Style.html ), but would love any insight in to what others are using.
  6. I have been having some connection problems with one of my Sennheiser EK 100 Receivers. None of my Transmitters will connect with it and I need to send it in for repairs. My question is: Is there is any way to use the serial number to decipher how old the unit is? I have purchased several over the past year, but wasn't smart enough to write down the serial number when I purchased it. I am hoping that it is still covered under my warranty. Any insight would be helpful. Thanks!
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