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  1. joy

    Purchasing first Nagra deck

    Nagra 4.2
  2. joy

    MKH60 with MKH30

    ambient 208?
  3. Thank you for your reply. bond. I have downloaded the simple manual. However, as far as I know, there is a detailed operating manual (probably nagra iv-d, nagra iv-L of the operating manual is generic). This is hard to find
  4. Hello everyone, I just bought a nagra iv-d, but I did not find the user's manual in nagra official website, I would like to know how to find it? Thanks
  5. I bought in an industrial machine tool accessories shop.
  6. Not RA body BNC. It may be a machine tool or a similar device. Use for connecting tubing. 10 mm in diameter (M10), very cheap, I bought in China, only need about $0.3.Ta3 or TA5 can be installed directly. But there is a problem, there are little, may need to drill, the inside of the hole enlargement point.
  7. joy

    More 664 woes

    The same thing happened on me. For about a year. Changed a lot of SD card, and no improvement. Fortunately, CF card without problems.
  8. joy

    My Son

  9. joy

    My new bag....