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  1. Hi Jeff, Thanks for the site. I had trouble donating through the main page link, but was successful with the donate to support jwsoundgroup link above thru paypal. This is a great site.
  2. With mine it seeems to be a bit more picky about the cf than the sd media. I was doing 2nd unit work and had an inadequate cf card and it got weird. The machine wouldn't do anything. Couldn't even shut it off. The master reboot was the solution to regain control. The cf card was the culprit. Changed to an approved card and haven't had any further issues. I did pull out the 702T for the day since it was a non dialog kinda day. The 702T is much more forgiving in its cf requirements. I did have go to wave agent to do sound reports for the day. I recently went to the Trew Audio opening in Atlanta and found an issue brought up by other mixers. It seems that X1 & X2 track assingments were changing when the machine was powered off. Still had the blinking blue light but the previous assingments seemed to change when powered off and on. Not a big issue, but I do always check my X1,X2 assingments now every time I turn it on. Back to piont with approved media I haven't had any trouble transferring from either sd or cf.
  3. Sorry to hear. Condolences to the family.
  4. Good Point Senator. Are you suggesting two year contracts for wireless sound services. Just kidding. Guess I've had too many discussions with low ball producers here in the east, even though so many of them seem to be based out of LA.
  5. Points well taken.When I looked up the date on my FCC license it was issued on 8-22-1979. No wonder my concepts are antiquated. I appear to be turning into one of the old muppets in the balcony. I am certianly no genius. I can barely even spell without the help of a computer it seems. Who in 1979 could have imagined our current situation? By my count in wikipedia that's over a dozen commissioners of the FCC ago. Perhaps we can devise a clever method to pass the costs of renting spectrum on to the producers.
  6. It seems to me the idea of the airwaves being a public common is dead. When I took my FCC general liscense test to operate a radio station transmitter as a disc jockey, The FCC emphasized my knowing and following the rules was a matter of public trust to allow everyone who was authorized to share the airwaves. In the 80's, as consolidated media groups started to buy multiple stations, corporate favoritism with the FCC was on the increase. Since the gloves have come off and the monopoly rules were eliminated, (along with the operating budget of the FCC) The concept of a public trust seems to have gone the way of clean air or water..i.e. up to the highest bidder. The idea of paying for what you were told was yours sounds unfair to me. I guess once the wireless microphone app gets perfected for the Iphone it'll all be a moot (or perhaps mute) point anyway.
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