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  1. Don't all thank me at once! http://newyork.craigslist.org/mnh/tfr/5031493460.html
  2. Saw it over the weekend. Couldn't get into the IMAX screening, so just saw it in a regular theater. Was absolutely the loudest movie I have ever seen. Painfully loud at times in fact, and I have spent the last 30 year years playing in bands with my ear pressed against a Fender Twin. Lots of the dialog was indeed buried, and the score and effects were so far over the top that it had the opposite effect of distracting me from enjoying the film at all. In general, the visuals were cool, but I didn't care about any of the characters or situations they were thrown into, and it was way too long. Not a winner in my book.
  3. Same reason I am here! I came down from Winston-Salem last summer. I am sure everyone up there is concerned now that the incentives have expired. Guessing there will be plenty of people contemplating making the same move very soon. Good luck!
  4. Have been working for the last month and totally missed all of these posts! Think my situation is unique as I quit the business in 2000 and haven't worked on a film until last month as a sound PA on a feature mixed by Carl Rudisill. In any case, 695 is sending me a transfer card which I will be bringing by the 479 office as soon as it arrives in the mail. Looking forward to meeting Mike, Todd, and anyone else looking for a qualified utilily/boom operator on any upcoming project. Understand Cujo's position on the residency matter (as we worked together a couple weeks back on the same project), but I have been out of the loop for so long it is unlikely I will be competing with him or anyone else for any positions other than the ones they have already rejected!
  5. Just wanted to update this post. Living in Atlanta now and looking for work as a sound utility/boom op. In the process of re-activating my 695 membership and able to work as a local here in Atlanta. Currently working with mixer Carl Rudisill on a feature for the next couple weeks. Rob Disner 336-327-4543 idlewildemedia@gmail.com http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0228388/
  6. Looks (and sounds) great! Big fan as well. Saw him about a year ago. My ears are still ringing!
  7. Must be at least 5000 people in this group. If everyone fronts me a dollar, I will volunteer to take the course and report back with my findings.
  8. Thanks, Jeff! He was a piece of work for sure. Thankfully, they paid so little attention to sound, that they never even noticed me or my camera at all! I never brought a camera to set before (or since), but when I saw the way things were going, I figured I would try to capture some of this. Not too worried about repercussions, because the director has vanished, and the producer is in jail!
  9. Thankfully it was all captured on video for the ages! Gets good around the two minute mark... http://youtu.be/-EevLMp-4t4
  10. Check out his credits (if they are real). He has done a bit more than Real Housewives! Doesn't make any sense not owning the gear if he is really working as much as IMDB says that he is. Gotta be tough to make six figures if you are kicking half of it back to the rental house!
  11. I was thrown in the back of a Bronco with the director driving (who was also the lead actor), and Michael Madsen, to pick up some last minute dialog that the director had probably written during breakfast. Once the cameras were locked down, without any rehearsal, he went screaming off into the desert at top speed like I wasn't even there, even though I reminded him numerous times before the camera rolled. My Nagra literally hit the roof of the Bronco before I insisted that he stop the vehicle and let me and my equipment out immediately. He fired me on the spot. I had to walk back about a half mile with all my gear to the production office, where I promptly reported that I was fired and needed my last check. At that point, the producer threatened to shoot me if I left. I left. And cashed the check faster than that Bronco sped off into the desert...
  12. Well I was trying to take the diplomatic approach in case he was on this board! Yes, I can see that this resembles any one of a dozen infomercials that I worked on back in the day (except my sound was better). But for someone looking to get into (or back into) the business, there aren't a lot of options out there besides film school, or just working your way up as a PA as I did, and bugging David Yaffe and about a dozen other guys 'til they let you coil cables for them on the side. Hard to even find a book that covers anything but the basics of production sound, or if it does, they are talking about equipment that we haven't used in at least a dozen years. Would be nice to have a resource that covered wireless in depth, camera hops, time code options, interfacing with the various video cameras out there, and working with the popular digital recorders in the field today. Doubt this guy discusses any of this in his videos either since he doesn't even own the gear, but I wish someone did! Gonna have to pick everyone's brain this weekend while y'all are sucking on your crawfish!
  13. Has anybody watched his videos? http://realitysoundschool.com/make-6-figures-in-audio/ Although the info is a bit general in nature (probably gets more specific in the paid videos), and I know from personal experience that I never even came close to making six figures in LA as a full time union boom op and mixer, I think he does a fairly decent job here of covering the basics. Won't be sending him my cash any time soon, but he seems like an OK guy. Anybody know him personally or have any thoughts about his videos?
  14. Very cool machine. Had one for a backup which was very clean with little use. Didn't use it much either as I quickly figured out that a Sharp MiniDisc recorder took up a lot less space in the truck! Backwards XLR jacks and banana plugs everywhere! Also had the matching BM-10 three input mixer with the pointer dials. All went overseas to some guy in Japan via eBay many moons ago.
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