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  1. Hi All. just wondering what solutions have arisen to mounting MCR54 on camera. I am aware of various readily available solutions that can be adapted for a range of receivers, but am more interested in any custom solutions be it for film cameras or outside broadcast cameras. 3D printable or otherwise.
  2. I believe you would need to get a kit to change the height to fit. pretty sure it would be 4 threaded rods and sleeves. Send them an email. They were very fast getting back to me and sent proposed drawings of how my set up would work.
  3. I recently purchased one. They are on the pricier side, but the service I received was exceptional. As I am located in Brisbane, Australia, I really wanted to make sure I got my set up right. so far so good. I am in the process of upgrading bits and pieces and this was part of the evolution. I may tweak the set up a little, based on how the bag sits when wearing it. I am yet to purchase the harness, so I may not need to. The ease of access to mixer I/o is great. Very happy so far.
  4. That’s a great rack n bag rig. Nice one. can you post a couple more photos please? I just ordered mine today. How are you finding it?
  5. Is the 32mHz limitation based on filters in the unit? I was not aware of this. Is this in the manual somewhere?
  6. Thanks for the feedback all. Much appreciated. looking forward to testing.
  7. Thanks for the reply Jon. been watching a number of vids on this receiver. Have used their rackmount receivers, Combiners, Ifb systems antennas and fibre optic RF hardware. Thoroughly impressed every time and totally agree that each piece has a learning curve. Very much looking forward to see how a 4 channel slot receiver performs. And very much looking forward to testing the mtp60. Please feel free to chime in on experiences with those as well if possible. Cheers.
  8. Hi all. Can anyone report or discuss their experiences with Wisycom MCR54? in particular relating to performance in RF congested areas. Also, if anyone is using them in a sound devices sl2 thoughts on this? Any feedback would be helpful. I will hopefully be able to demo one in the near future. cheers Mark
  9. Nice Ambeo kit. I would like to hear more about your experiences with it and tour work flow. feel free to PM. cheers Mark
  10. Just wondering if anyone has had any experience with one of these microphones? in particular with sound devices plug in. Also, it appears that the plug in is only for use with the mix pre series, as opposed to the 8 series. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  11. Just reread your reply properly Larry. 1k resistor it is!
  12. Thanks Larry and Johnny. Microdot to Ta5f would be a DPA adapter. all input most appreciated. cheers
  13. Thanks Derek. obviously it is different fo different voices. trying to get some feedback before a purchase as there may not be the opportunity to test before then. As a happy DPA user for many years, (4060/4061), just trying to get some real world feedback.
  14. Hi all. anyone using DPA 6060 or 6061 into Lectrosonics smqv or ssm? thoughts? Around where are you setting tx gain? cheers
  15. Thanks Constantin, nice bag. I have an 888 and have been considering the DSQD. Am still using 411 which are extremely reliable, but 4 channels and Dante sure is tempting.
  16. Any more news in these units in a bag? would love to hear more about how it performs. how it compares to a 411? etc
  17. Thanks for the link. Looks like a fairly slick solution. might have to demo one when I get a chance. cheers
  18. Hi all. just wondering if anyone has been using or tried the behringer x touch with sound devices 8 series. I have an 888 and am looking for fader cola control surface of sorts. Sadly, can’t really afford a cl16.... currently playing with a CL12 that a friend has lent me. would appreciate any feedback regarding x touch. cheers Mark
  19. “patience Grasshopper” is good advice I just bought an 888. currently on 411 RX. (which are still amazing after many, many years.) fervently squirrelling away money for wireless upgrade..... Very exciting times. Please push another tumbleweed out of the saloon soon. I am on the fence for a little longer.....
  20. Thanks again Karl. Please keep me updated.
  21. Hi Karl. Thanks fir following this up. it is encouraging to know that most manufacturers read comments on this site and respond. Wenare very lucky for this alone. I have indeed used the IR port on an M2T with an M2R to import scan data into wireless designer. it is very easy and fast. I guess what I am getting at is the ability to use the M2R to import scans directly to a laptop via the USB port on the M2R. This would be an excellent site survey tool where with just a laptop and an M2R you could indeed scan, import to file and coordinate at a later time. Alternatively, if you knew in advance that you would be working at a site in the future, you could prescan the site and begin coordinating in advance. is this a possibility in updated firmware or not technically possible? Is this the case with the DCR822? I am seriously considering purchasing one of these and assumed that it would be able to export scans to WD via USB. This would be an even better solution in terms of adding it to any existing antenna infrastructure to obtain site scans. Please let me know when you can. Cheers, Mark
  22. Maybe I am missing something, but it would also be cool to be able to import a scan from an M2R or a DCHR. I have connected to WD with M2R but it seems you can only update firmware. It would also be great if when you added a custom channel, you could specify another manufacturers wireless when you added the custom channel. In the same way shure’s wireless workbench does. Often I find myself working with a number of manufacturers wireless as well as other companies in site using different systems. I have used a number of frequency coordinating software programmes, but I am really liking Wireless Designer. I am not assuming any of these requests are easy, just hoping they are possible in the near future.
  23. I would take performance over slot mount any day. I would take better core performance over “Fussy gear features” any day. I am not concerned that it is 2 channel and not 4.. i still run 411s as I feel they perform best and that works best for me. Just hoping an accessory is made for rf, power and 8 series integration. That is all. Either way, if these being the 411 replacement, twice the channel count plus all new features and diversity system, I am fairly sure they will find their way into my bag.
  24. Very exciting news.... I really hope there is a plan to integrate this with SD 8 series in a similar way to slot mount and SL2. (ie antenna distro, power interface etc...) After all these years I may consider selling my 411s...... Although they are still so rock solid it would be hard to let them go.
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