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  1. I tend to put faders to 12 o clock and have the average levels hitting the middle mark on the meter. Peaks usually hitting the “8” mark. You should have healthy levels at that point.
  2. I also have one on order. Excited. I have a question regarding the 2nd antenna, which is built into the headphone output. Let's say I'm using the URX as a camera hop. Do I now need to plugin something into the 1/8" jack for the reception to be good? Blake
  3. yep. That's normal. It's a different circuit, I'm told. It won't match the other ZMTs
  4. Mine also broke. First job using it. I've written to Ktek but haven't heard back. Blake
  5. Yesterday I fit my CS3e into a SMALL super-shield using a low profile xlr. 😧 i did did some preliminary testing and wasn’t hearing wind noise. Like others I would like to be able to carry just one windscreen to jobs for multiple mics. Hoping this setup continues to work.
  6. I bought an f4 as a backup recorder. It failed within days and the replacement did as well. At least one of the units was fried when accidentally feeding 48v to its outputs. (a mistake that is easily made!). After the second failure I stopped wasting my time and bought the mixpre10t
  7. Thats interesting. I'm using an RX200, though. No option on this unit.
  8. Thanks for the thought. I definitely don't wanna stack anything else on the camera, which is already built out extensively. I sure wish the Ursa Pro did internal sample rate conversion. A Zaxcom tech on another forum said that cameras "should" have their own internal sample rate convertors to accept any rate you throw at them. It seems people's opinions differ on that point.
  9. Hi Constantin. In a Zaxcom Facebook group owner Glenn Sanders was a bit unclear, saying: "The RX200 will output 32KHz or I think 96KHz. You will need to go analog if you can only do 48K" Im waiting to get clarification from him. The RX200 doesn't allow you to choose the sample rate, so I don't understand how it could output 32khz and ("I think") 96khz. A bit confusing.
  10. UPDATE:: I learned that Ursa Mini Pros want to see 48KHZ and 24bit AES audio. I had my sample rate at 44.1khz. Once I changed the 633 to 48khz I was successfully receiving AES audio via an XLR cable into the URSA. Unfortunately, though, I am told by Zaxcom that the RX200 puts out 96khz. (that can't be altered by the user). Do any of you folks have issues with camera only accepting certain sample rates for AES? Kind of a bummer if the Black Magic cameras cannot accept 96khz. I was really hoping to feed them AES audio. @IronFilm I'm also asking this question via the Black Magic forum, thanks. Blake
  11. I was describing that the Ursa Mini does not recognize AES whether I feed it from the RX200 or from an XLR coming directly from the 633's outputs (and the 633 outputs set to AES). Make sense?
  12. Hello Martin. Thanks for the reply. Actually the AES output of my 633 is successfully feeding the Cameralink, which is also successfully feeding the RX200. All of this is confirmed by the meters. I have also successfully fed AES audio from the RX200 into the input of the 633, so I believe the 633 is working properly. Thanks. I have joined the forum and posted there, but I'm still waiting for a moderator to accept my question.
  13. Hi all. I’m hoping someone out there can point out for me what I’m missing. I work with Black Magic Ursa Mini Pros almost daily and typically feed line or mix level from my Sound Devices 633. I’ve recently invested in a Zaxcom hop setup (Camera Link and rx200) and would love to feed the Ursas via aes. When i feed aes audio from the rx200 I am getting no signal. I’ve selected AES manually on the side of the camera as well as in the menu. The meters simply don’t show anything. The same occurs when hardwiring via a single xlr and setting my 633s outputs to aes. Interestingly I’m finding this to be true for 2 separate Ursa Mini Pros. I even updated the firmwares, suspecting a problem with their softwares. Man I overlooking something obvious here? I’ve looked at the wiring diagrams for the rx200 and I believe the cabling is properly built. (Pin1: ground, pin2: left and pin 3: right) any help out there?! Thank you.
  14. Nope. -10dbV is a quieter signal. IT's often referred to as "Consumer Line Level" whereas the louder +4 is referred to as "Pro Line Level" and is what you expect to come out of most pro gear. either level can be balanced or unbalanced and the F4's outputs are balanced.
  15. I imagine it's cheaper to build. More power is required for +4. I am selling a mint F4 in part due to that limitation. Gainstaging between the F4 and cameras is a pain when you can't send a strong enough signal. Often I had to use the Mic inputs on cameras with the input's turned way down. Anyone wanting a perfect condition F4 and an Orca-28 bag, heck out my auction: https://www.ebay.com/itm/New-Zoom-F4-Multitrack-Field-Recorder-with-Orca-OR-28-bag-and-extras/172990449591
  16. its actually the Stingray Jr! Great and compact. Im not familiar with the petrol.
  17. Here's mine. I have two 235's rather than one and a 200 because the second one gets used in my partner's bag when we're double booked. That way he can use Zaxnet too. Also using ERX's for scratch audio and timecode to camera.
  18. Reviving an old thread! 2 others had asked my question but it seems no one had an answer. Can the RX200 be connected to my QRX235+IFB via "Serial link"so that make command via zaxnet on the RX200? I know that the unit has a serial connection, but nowhere is it specified that the functionality is possible. Anyone using is that way? thanks! Blake
  19. That's a bit surprising, although I've never had a reason to record MP3. Suppose you can always just convert to MP3's on your computer.
  20. I was in the same scenario these past few months and chose Zaxcom. I bought the QRX235 with IFB upgrade, a TRXLA3.5 and a ZMT3.5. I also snagged 2 ERX's for client monitor/scratch audio to camera. It's too early on for me to report about the range and workflow, but so far I'm enjoying the units.
  21. Do you have any tips or thoughts about the various modulation from your experience?
  22. Hi Reuben. I've been using "Xr" so far. As it turns out, I already got the itch to snag a second transmitter, so a ZMT is en route now.
  23. Thanks guys! I sorta figured that was the case, but I'm new to DC power like this. It's slightly confusing that Sound Devices built in such a conservative reference setting for 14v Li-ion batteries, but perhaps there are some configurations where the gear requires 14v to run properly.
  24. Hi all! Though i've been happily using L-series batteries to power my 633, I just added a Zaxcom wireless setup so I've installed a BDS system so that i can power the new Receiver as well as the 633. I'm using IDX NP1 style batteries with a Sound Guys Solutions power distribution. I have a question about the 633's "Ext DC Ref" setting. When selecting the "14V Li-ion" setting, I get around 4 hours before the 633 blinks and powers down, apparently to avoid dipping below 14v. If I switch the DC reference setting to "Full Range" then the 633 acts as if I have half of a battery still, which is corroborated by the batteries guilt in "power indicator", which shows 2 out of 3 lights remaining. If I use this "Full Range" setting, everything seems to run just fine. I suppose my question is this: What setting are you folks using for your DC reference? Should I follow the guidance of the "14V Li-ion" setting or just set it to "Full Scale" to get more hours out of the battery? What are the risks of doing that? Thanks lots. Blake
  25. Curious if any of you guys have been using cards that are NOT on the Sound Devices approved list. I am finding that they aren't keeping up with testing newer models and it's actually getting harder to even find some of the cards they have approved. I just bought these cards...hoping they'll work fine, though they aren't on the list: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B005LFT3MA/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o05_s01?ie=UTF8&psc=1
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