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  1. I also do post and location work (how ever it's been 2 years since I was out there were the action is) The project that I'm working on right know doing dialogue editing I found the meta data to be a tremendous help... In ProTools there is a "Match take" function witch speeds up the process of alternative takes. I know that naming files is time consuming depending on the type of production and media you record to... but if possible it's a great helper since the time in post is also very limited on most productions. And chances are that the good take will be used when post have the extra help! Of course if the choice is good sounding tracks VS lots of meta data... Never mind! But with products like CL-WIFI Interface for SD naming is possible even on the faster type of productions. Scene, slate, tk... and the track name (name of the character) is the biggest luxury you can get doing editing. //Christian Holm
  2. Couldn't resist... This is the musical hope in Sweden right now! Sorry the lyrics are in non English language. Albin Gromer - Här Inne Hos Mig (Live at P3 Guld) //Christian
  3. Must say that I like the challenge you undertaken... If you implement brickwall limiter "type SD302" and cooper design preamps I will be interested in one! Direct outs? //Christian
  4. The boom operator stays on the set observing (and keeping tabs on) the entire lighting process. Baby siting the set is a very good advice! Also the camera lenses are part of the skills you need to know... How wide is a 50mm at a certain distance on 35?! And be brave! //Christian
  5. From way back I remember an intermittent TC problem caused by heat... If the generator is close to some part of the camera that's hot the generator will have trouble Just an Idea. //Christian
  6. Nicolas Cage was arrested Saturday morning in New Orleans, People confirms. The actor, 47, who is filming a movie in the area, was taken into custody at 6:33 a.m. and charged with domestic abuse and disturbing the peace, according to records from the Orleans Parish Sheriff's Office. Cage was released Saturday afternoon and is scheduled to appear in court on May 31. News of Cage's arrest was first reported by TMZ. • Reporting by Matthew Davis »
  7. Hi Vin, Ill be happy to checkout your work... Cantar is a good choice of equipment for that type of production Will I see you there Vin? Looking forward to NY and Tribeca! //Christian
  8. Hi Vin, I'm also attending Tribeca... Will try and check out "Patang" I also have a production that will premiere in Tribeca... "Hideaways" I was Supervising Sound Editor. See you there! //Christian
  9. You live in Vegas? gambling is hazardous... What you are saying is that you are happy with how SD sounds... And that's fine with me.. I respect your view on that... And yes I am "wonder boy" (just turned 40 but..) will have the t-shirt ready in no time! //Christian
  10. Rado.. You make assumptions... Best is to be careful in stating what can be heard or not when you don't have 1st hand experience. I'm not trying to make you buy a Cooper... Just fantasizing on SD having really good preamps Ontariosound I agree... But still all the SD products is really good I also own 2x788, 3x744t, 302... except for me the preamps is the weak point so there will be a Cooper or AD mixer in front The transformer helps us in many ways especially in the field.. Warmth is not what I am looking for in the design of preamps more the effective dialogue with harmonic distortion character in the mid freq... Clarity and high detail is the goal for me //Christian
  11. You have heard Cooper... from indiana jones to many many major productions over the years... If you have the chance try them... to see, hear and feel the difference your self. //Christian
  12. Must say the Cantar sound wonderful... Nagra style preamps... And even the new nagra sounds nice.. But to me the lundahl transformer is to neutral. I understand your point Rado... and the flavor of the sound can be created in post.. But still if you are familiar with the cooper sound and like that you will want to have that on your recordings every time It would be the most interesting change for me to have really good preamps in the SD products... may be a more expensive product for those how can afford. //Christian
  13. haha Last year I supervised a Finnish film... it was a dark suicide/comedy road movie "lapland odyssey" check it out I can not win you guys over... but I hope that I'm not the only one that are fighting for better transformers in micpre design. //Christian
  14. Hehe... just came back from Maldives So only happy faces here... And as far as the ADR in the US... it comes in different shapes and formes Not always so fantastic! Did record some ADR for true blood a few months back here in Sweden.. and I guess it fits just as good as the US When you start to listen and use the recorded tracks from different mic´s and micpres you start to appreciate and understand the difference... just as wine... it takes time and you need to be interested... Listen to older films... listen to the dialogue on "fight club" or any other film 10 years back... Rado you are right there is nothing wrong with the SD pre amps. //Christian
  15. The era of good sound is may be over... But you will never win me over to the dark side... NEVER! So go SD... new mic pre design so the we can beat the dark side! //Christian
  16. Cheap... works for you... Good for me.. //Christian
  17. Sad... but probably true... What a killer product line it would be... The cost of new(old) mic pre design would not be to big though? Pacifica, quad eight, neve, cooper, API, jensen, Cinemag... Lots of sound! Film and TV would sound better! //Christian
  18. I'd buy any SD product with "sound"... New mic preamps design? Jensen or cinemag transformers... After cooper ceased manufacturing there should be some mixers willing to buy. Why not continue the great tradition of cooper and connect the old with the "new"... //Christian
  19. One of the least known good microphones for VO is the russian Lomo 19a19 I have two that I use with very good result. Check on Ebay for a good price! //Christian
  20. Day 2 of mixing at Ardmore Sound, Dublin, Ireland
  21. This is why I love this forum... We all have our different sides... and I find it an honour to corrected by the Senator! //Christian
  22. Thanks Jon, Interesting... now when you say it... part of the sound is very similar between dynamics and ribbons. And now I understand why! The VO is now recorded and I choose the RCA over the U87... It gave me more warm close feeling. //Christian
  23. Use to have a dog... Now I have to borrow my brothers. But we have a bird //Christian
  24. I really like the Neumann sound... And the U87 as a standard works very well in most applications. For this VO I wanted something more like early Nat King Cole, Bing Crosby "Christmas" what I thought was the Ribbon character. If anyone here know for a fact how this was done(of course a hole chain of events from the talent, mic choice, pre amp, tape and mixing) I'm very interested to hear how and with witch type of equipment. Some history: http://www.silvertonemastering.com/electrodyne/index.html //Christian
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