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  1. Deichen, my band regularly hit up Waffle Houses all over the southeast for about 6 years in the early 2000's. One night, full of the free cheap beer we got at our gig, I decided I really liked the mug, and was going to see if I could slip out with one. Turned out to be no problem. After that, I got progressively more bold with my mug thefts, eventually getting to the point where I would walk up to the register to pay and plunk down my mug half full of coffee, pay the tab, and then hold up the mug and say "thanks ya'll!" while walking out the door. Every mug in my house was a WH mug for a while.
  2. I can guarantee, there's not another one like it!
  3. Wow! I've done similar things, conceptually speaking, in the NLE realm, but doing it on 1/4" tape and all that cutting and splicing just seems like such a massive task!
  4. Great piece of film history here! Thanks Jeff. Times like this, I feel truly humbled to be here and benefit from this wealth of experience and knowledge.
  5. I need to try something like this for my Petrol 601 bag. I'm not happy with the way I currently have things set up.
  6. VDB has these interchangeable tips for boom poles but I guess they are specific to VDB poles. I have my indoor and outdoor mics in shock mounts on these and ready to set up on the pole. One of the reasons I love my VDB. http://www.pro-sound.com/p/SVDBTOPSC.html
  7. Kiwi Camp Dry spray? I've contemplated trying it on my Softie. Its just silicone. Works on my tent, so, why not an umbrella, ella, ella? http://www.amazon.com/Kiwi-Camp-Heavy-Water-Repellent/dp/B00QVL2L5E
  8. Well, it's going against the grain because I was talking about my use of UCR100/Lma wireless, as opposed to 210/um200.
  9. I'll go against the grain here. I've used a couple of UCR100/Lma systems as a foot in the door on Lectrosonics. I bought them figuring I could use them as camera hops in the future when I upgrade. Good systems on a budget, I run them with iPower 9v lithium rechargeables all day, and the only issues I've ever had with them were my own stupid fault. Once I got my head around proper freq coordination and using the Freq Finder app I haven't had any issues with them. Yes, dialing in the freq with the tweaker is old school, but I generally don't have issues. That being said, I live in a pretty rural area, so there's not a lot of traffic.
  10. As a fellow atheist, Tom, I look at December 25th as a day to spend with family and do the whole eat, drink and be merry thing. Its nice to have a day that is set aside for that once a year. I would ask for a higher rate to work on that day, for the reason that it widely accepted that people spend that day at home with family.
  11. I use the one that came with my 633. I had to look in the box a few times before I found it, I remember. After a year, its getting kind of scratched up, but not bad. I like the fact that it sits above the actual screen, which would seem to give a bit of extra protection from impacts.
  12. Thanks guys! I'll pass along these ideas, and in the meantime get started on producing a demo for him.
  13. Hi all. A friend of mine wants to pursue working as a VO artist for local radio commercials and such, and asked me to help him with a demo recording. I told him I could help with that, no problem, but wouldn't have the first clue as to getting the demo into the right hands. Anyone here have any experience doing this sort of stuff? My best guess is to just cold call the local radio stations and ask to speak with their marketing dept or something like that. Thanks for any advice!
  14. Jeez, let them learn how to create the "mystique" on digital, then. The will figure it out. Its just growing pains at this point.
  15. Thanks everyone! That's a lot to sort through. I think I'm going to start simple, learning how to build and repair basic cables.
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