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  1. Yeah i feel like it would depend of the style, if theres lot of frame changing and such and in a noisy environment could be helpful getting as close as possible. Who knows.
  2. Hello all you soundos, While I was scanning the vast realms of the internet movie websites i noticed a boom op watching a video feed on a wrist band while filming. I always thought it could be helpful, and have seen bag mixers carry a screen around but not many documented photos of boom ops doing so. Im sure theres plenty of mix criticism if its needed but I'm sure the gent has his reasoning. I think the film is called "Lucy" Just out of curiosity, any Booms on the forum doing this.
  3. Heres a boom in the glass of the sitcom men at work on TBS. Saw it the other day and was like oh look what we have there. Its in the lest had side reflected in the glass
  4. It's normally placed in one of the characters jacket. He was saying that it was still too hot coming through the jacket. In just looking into anything else.
  5. The transmitters are lecto sm's.
  6. Hey guys what are you using for actors complaining that wireless transmitters are getting to hot. I have been using a an old neopax cut down to try absorb some of the heat. Curious what are some other options
  7. it was worn on the dress, as a brooch.
  8. Wearing one of these nostalgic 80s koala bear mic makes who's ever voice sound Australian. Joke of course. Here is a sanken cos11 hidden in a koala bear clip. Had to go this route because of some super noisy necklace and dress.
  9. One of the actors on our show models the new double cub rig. I told him I had a new mic for him, and show him this. He laughed and said it was perfect for the scene. All in good fun.
  10. This site is good as any book. There are a lot of "new to sound" threads. Do a little search and you can learn it for free. Trew audio sells some books about production sound also. check it out.
  11. I had a problem with the connector in the rode blimp. so i switched it out with a cable i made myself. works fine now.
  12. DC varies different than baltimore. whats safe in baltimore probably isnt safe in dc.... heck what should be open dc probably isnt. DC is a pain with RF.
  13. Instead of using the tape out you could also have Two Y XLR cables made to send from your xlr outs into your recorder, then the other part of the why could be used to send to camera or what have you. Just an other idea. I have done both
  14. I am also interested in how other people are using their RXem's in there set ups. I have seen some people using it with nomads too.
  15. Clever idea. Its great cause its not like an boring instruction video but makes you understand by adding some story and jokes along with it, while also teaching and demonstrating an example of how dslr onboard mics don't do the trick. Im gonna have to show this video off for some buddies of mine.
  16. Im a huge fan of the lightweight discussion. Cant wait to see some more pictures
  17. Alex, which radio receivers are those?
  18. Pretty sweet mixer Richard. Im a fan of the sonosax products.
  19. Jasper, Id look at a K-Tek, or a PSC. Loon as a company has fallen by the wayside. Good luck.
  20. Heres my simple lightweight bag. I would use this for a lot of 5D shoots. Shown: Bag- Petrol607 deca mixer -SD 302 -SD 702 -Lectro 401 x2 in the front pouches -Lectro Lma x2 in the front pocket -BDSv2 in the front pocket (Hard to see in the pocket but its the red light) -NP1 slightly sticking out of the belly pocket -Sony Headphones -PSC DigiSlate (Bloop slate, to give a visual numerable file name with the 3LED flash and audible bleep. ) I only use the digislate on 5d shoots, keeps me from worrying about sending audio to it. Like everyone i have plans to upgrade the bag in the future, but id like to keep it a lightweight small package thou. Im a big fan of small footprints.
  21. AndyB, take a picture of your Twelco 3ch mixer in bag form. Love to see how yours looks. I especailly like seeing the different mixers being used. Other than the same old stuff. More than one way to skin a cat in this buisness. Show us yours!
  22. Im looking forward to the helium version haha
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