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  1. Shooting last three days with two Sony Venice cameras. The first one is loosing 1/2 frames randomly in different scenes. It’s taking “Ext LK-Icon” from a Tentacle. The other camera doesn’t even take timecode... Any experiences out there?
  2. Hi constantin. Try joining: Freelance sound mixers and recordists - Europe - Facebook group
  3. First issues with the C300 mark II. Doesn't take TC from my sync boxes or even straight from an SD633. Talking to Canon now to find out
  4. A new toy to hide lavs http://www.rodemic.com/accessories/invisilav
  5. Looks like Cantar X3 is coming. Update from Aaton. http://www.digital-cinema-tools.com/p/4014419929/2014/01/19/aaton-a-cantar-x3-prototype-is-close
  6. Dear colleagues, Congrats for your nominations. This is the first time I get one of my projects I did the sound for to become nominee for the Academy awards. It's just a shortfilm, but still never expected to have one of my works playing at the Dolby theatre in LA. I'm really excited about it and just wanted to share the experience with you guys. http://www.goldderby.com/candidates/aquel-no-era-yo-(that-wasnt-me).html
  7. Thanks Rich. Just curious how they want to compete in our indsutry with their products. I guess the old SK250 needs a 21st century brother
  8. Did anyone drop by the Sennheiser booth? I´m curioius if they think of us as potential customers for their 9000 series.
  9. Well, they said they could buy my mixer and sell me a AD146... that has direct outputs. I guess they jus didn´t want to.
  10. Good morning getlemen, I own an AD245 Pico 6ch mixer since 2003 and looking foward to make a modification to get direct outputs on each channel. A while ago I wrote Audio Developments customer service and they told me they couldn´t do it for me. Anyone could recommend me a good engineer in Europe to make the mod? I´m based in Spain. Thanks in advance for your help.
  11. Hi there folks, Interesting... 100mw output. Any brochure can confim this information? If it´s true and you can get a set including true diversity receiver at a reasonable price I´m thinking of this one instead of Sennheiser 2000. Senny compander and frequency weirdness is killing me. BTW Winter, I guess if we wait for Spanish goverment to stablish a frequency regulation I´m not sure when we can make next purchase. I assume 4g is going to take 700-800 range.
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