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  1. Any Sacramento mixers, I have been called about a real estate show looking for a mixer in Sac area Nov 20-23 4 wires and boom, mix to camera. Non union. Please email me at curleysound@gmail.com if you are available and interested. It's $650/10 all in local hire. Not my gig, just passing it on.
  2. I recently purchased a 15" Macbook Pro (Version 8 with Thunderbolt, etc.). It has OS X 10.6.7 installed, and I haven't been able to get MLAN Auto Connect to work. Any ideas? I'm also using a FW800 to 400 cable to plug into the MY16 card.
  3. I've seen a couple of police car wireless/dashcam setups, and all of them have been comprised of a lectro 185 kit with a trunk mount receiver antenna, lavaliere was huge, and a VHS recorder set to extended play recording (6 hours).
  4. They had a lot of fun naming the shots! Also, no smart slate... What's up with that? Also, language is NSFW Inglourious Basterds - Quentin Tarantino's Camera Angel
  5. I can back up Robert on this. I have had a Wilcox pole for about 7 years now, and it has worked beautifully for me. Never has it needed recabling, and the only repair I ever needed was a replacement screw mount. The one they replaced it with has been rock solid. The pole is light, and quiet. Of course, the other poles are great, but this one is good, and cost a lot less.
  6. With digital audio bringing the cost/quality ratio way down, I'm surprised that comtek or others haven't gone this way. After seeing Zaxcoms ERX demo today, I can imagine that a bargain version isn't far behind. If not, I hope someone gets to it!
  7. When Lavaliere mics can be used, you can use a lavaliere with a tighter pickup pattern, such as a TRAM TR-50 or a Cardioid lavaliere, which could cause as many problems as it solves. Otherwise, I agree with the previous post completely. Also, anything you can do to put either distance, or solid objects between the mic and the ocean will help. If a camera is on a telephoto lens, you can have your talent far away from the water, and appear that they are right next to it. If the person faces away from the ocean, their lavaliere will be somewhat shielded from the ocean noise, and thusly, if they a
  8. A transparent sound blanket would be awesome!
  9. Most of the time cops want you to know they're there...
  10. I tend to be an open minded skeptic to the paranormal world in general. There has been much debate in recent years over EVP, or Electronic Voice Phenomenon. The theory says that ghosts or spirits can imprint messages on recording equipment, resulting in a voice on the magnetic tape (or Magnetic Hard Disk?) that was not heard by folks in the room. This has been portrayed in shows like "Ghost Hunters", discussed ad nauseum on the radio show "Coast To Coast AM with George Noory", and in the Michael Keaton movie "White Noise" and it leaves me thinking about this forum. There are dozens if not
  11. I can't agree more. I had my TS-3 refaced after several years of flawless service had left it looking a little sad. It was exactly the same experience as Jeffs, and I couldn't be happier with them!
  12. Nope, nothing like that was involved. I was straight as an arrow.
  13. Additionally to this, I am one of the few people who have actually gotten deferred pay. I did a 2 day shoot for a guy I know who was putting together one of those contest films, for the Assassins Creed game, and he won first place, $10,000! He gave the 9 people on the cast/crew 10% and kept 10% for himself.
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