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  1. Hi, feel free to contact Danilo Romancino in my name, he is Italy based. +39 349 7464140 danilo.romancino@gmail.com He's very good, excellent English, with experience of working with me and international crews both in Italy, UK and Europe. He is very nice and professional, with exstensive experience in documentaries and reality tv. Because of the above, in the years he became a regular sound person in Italy for British, American and Irish crews. I can recommend him to the fullest extent. Best
  2. You are right. The only audio in sync is the one on the camera, so better not touch it.
  3. unfortunately, as the 688 came out there won't be an upgrade for the 664. I have the latest firmware. thanks though
  4. thanks Rado and Mark. All of us are running at 24 ND. Can't delay o/p as i'm on a 664 but offset is consistent and the AE is on it.
  5. hey all. Currently shooting on an f55 at 24 fps. jamming from a 664 (on 24hr run) via an acl 203 lockit. camera tc settings are: ext preset, free run and external source pops as soon as the lockit is connected. post says that my separately recorded sound is ahead of 1 frame on every clip. am I missing anything here? Thanks.
  6. LC21

    SR9VBP lasting

    Just wondering how long would an SRb stay on, if powered with two 9V rechargeables, rather than two alkalines, through a Lectro SR9VBP adapter. The unit's output is set to the max, divmode set to switch. Thanks
  7. Ask to film at the front of the plane as it's further away from the turbines. You will be lucky if you end up on one of those MD/DC9 or 10. Best wishes
  8. Dear friends, How do Lectro block 21 and 24 work in Toronto? What blocks work best? Anticipated thanks Libero
  9. LC21

    comtek 169

    Thanks, That's understood but I am asking if the non-popularity is because of the frequencies it's on and where. Or is it a matter that everyone just has 216's and it's easier to hire extra ones from friends? Looking to hear from people's experiences who are also willing to share their location please. Thanks!
  10. LC21

    comtek 169

    Hi all, Just considering buying a comtek 169 ifb system and am not familiar with the different systems, I heard 169 is not the most popular one, can somebody shed some light please?
  11. George MacMillan is your man, he's got top gear and he's so scottish that you wouldn't understand what he says :-) And he's a great dude. weegiboy@yahoo.com
  12. Hi Mike, I'm asking how huge the difference is and hoping that someone can share their views. Have worked a few times with a B20 but I have no access to neither of the two at the moment. You seem to have experience of both and I would be grateful if you could spend a few words about it. Thanks in advance, meantime thanks John and Derek. Libero
  13. Hey all, Does the W20 windscreen affect the sound substantially more than the B20 and double layered B20S? Any suggestion will be appreciated. Thanks Libero
  14. hey all, wondering if anybody can send me a link to the latest sound rates cards relevant to the NY area? Nothing's on Local 52's website :-/ Thanks! Libero
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