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  1. Waves has been a pretty good application for several years,
  2. Would never, in a million years take a job like that. Absolutely not worth it at all for even the slightest amount of risk involved, and even with all the safety precautions taken in the world. Not worth it. No way.
  3. He had a Rode NTG 3 mic, solid mic, sounds really good, and he had an old tascam, maybe dr100, and heavy boom pole, etc headphones etc, and I later bought my own Rode NTG 3 and the tascam dr680 and fiber boom pole, headphones etc, and now just got the new Zoom Field recorder, really good recorder/mixer for the price too,
  4. Yeah, almost 10 years ago I did a few day job for someone making a short. He had purchased a basic sound gear package for that project even though, or despite that fact that he was only interested in writing and directing and not sound, or even learning the gear In return I kept the gear at my house for a year and used it to get and do jobs to make money to then buy my own gear.
  5. Interested in the answer to this too
  6. nice, less than a pound sounds good, and 8 hours is pretty good too, will check it out for my zoom f4 hopefully soon,thanks
  7. Cool, do you have a link to where you bought it? Do you know how much it weighs?
  8. A few years ago a sound mixer was offered Bitcoin for a job. Bitcoin was worth 600 back then. Everyone here including OP, mocked, scoffed. and laughed at that offer. Today Bitcoin is worth 18 Thousand dollars, I don't know if it was a one day job or longer, but now OP is out tens of thousands of dollars, if not $100,000. OP, are you still here? Was just thinking about that situation/you and that offer recently and wanted see if you are here/and remembered that offer from back then, Just curious, that is all,
  9. What is a scene from a movie/TV show, that is mostly or all ADR that you wouldn't normally expect it to have been done that way? Not an action scene,car scene, stunt scene, wind machine etc, but because of some other reasons/circumstance that day on location/set?
  10. cool, thanks for the detailed explanation too
  11. Have drones started to replace helicopters on medium to big size projects? Has anyone here that works on medium to big size projects noticed anything like that happening? Just curious, as I have been seeing some really great footage of drones lately on YouTube, so not a sound question but just curious? Or are sound guys not on set on a day that they would be doing helicopter shots too? Curious about that too?
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V3dJfUlIA1Q&feature=youtu.be
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