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  1. Yep that’s it. Your description is helpful, as I have gotten very few details ahead of the shoot. I have those mics and will repeat what you’ve done. Thanks!
  2. Thanks a ton, Michael. This is along the lines of what I was thinking. There’s no audience - this is all for the cameras.
  3. I’m recording a college marching band inside an arena. Should I be worried that it will over power my Scheops CMU6 with MK4 cardiold capsule? Would a dynamic mic work better? I’m concerned about echo too. I’m also wondering if a sanken lav on a drummer would get me crisp drums. Any suggestions appreciated.
  4. If you read this post earlier, it's too late.
  5. I've read on this forum that someone out there makes a splitter cable (TRC and XLR audio) with a threaded mini plug for an ERX3 that helps seat the mini in the device. Remote Audio says there's no room in a threaded mini for this, but my unthreaded mini is causing pops and TC in the audio as it wiggles around in the jack. Does anyone know who can make this cable? Any other advice for keeping TC out of audio? I've reduced the TC output to 1.0 VPP but I still hear it.
  6. Thanks, Larry. Just ordered the paste. I think I'm going to make money off of my fellow sound techs in the area. Meet me out back. $20 for a hit of paste, baby.
  7. Thanks, Canada. I'm going to be in Nashville next week so I'll get some from Trew. It's called silver paste in the manual, but if you call Lectro, just say you need the wireless magic sauce.
  8. I am running two Lectro SMV's at 100mW and they are draining batteries. I'm getting an hour or less out of a single AA lithium battery. This is getting expensive and getting worse. The units are probably 5/6 years old and that paste on the threads has long gone. Any ideas as to what is happening? I worked with someone else's gear recently and they were having the same issue. I'm also getting audio (not frequency) dropouts on the SRb receiver. Is it related? Thoughts? Solutions?
  9. Pretty cool group of people, this. Thanks everyone who joined in. We should do this more often
  10. Thanks for the still photo. Behind the beard!!!??? God that seems like Scatch City if they look down like in this photo
  11. I just watched David Letterman's new show on Netflix. There was a scene of him walking with Congressman John Lewis on the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, AL. It's windy, there's an f-ing drone nearby and Letterman has a 10 inch confederate beard, and a pull over tshirt and jacket. I imagine he has a hairy chest to boot. The sidewalk is narrow, and I think boom op prohibitive, so it had to be a hidden wireless mic. It was perfect sound. How the hell did the sound tech pull that off?
  12. Gee. And to think I've made it 25 years as a soundman without a lecture on how to learn to use new gear. Maybe I'll get to know my gear more by sleeping with it. You know, like you would a person.
  13. There you go. One vote for clarity and one vote for less. I have a preference for less experimenting while a client is waiting on me.
  14. I went back and checked and yes, it is in the manual on page 10, but it wasn't clear enough to me when I read it the first time. It says "The time code frame-rate that will be recorded and transmitted over Zaxnet is set from this menu." I read that as it being optional, like my car's automatic stick shift that has a manual option. If it had said, "The frame rate must be set from this menu," I would have gotten it. Maybe it just me, but it's a distinction that is helpful.
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