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  1. Hello everyone, I have been working for about 4 years in Denver as a mixer and boom op, for advertising and narrative. I am moving to New York in the summer, and was wondering if anyone in the city would be interested in meeting up to talk about starting out on a larger scale sound team. I will be visiting at the end of next week (March 8th - March 16th) and would love to buy you a coffee and discuss. Feel free to reach me on email - Jacques@unisonsoundworks.com Thanks, -Jacques
  2. Thanks for the info! Are you running into any issues with the 641 and humidity in NY? I'm moving out there next year and is a big reason for my RFI concerns.
  3. About a year ago I landed my first indie feature and picked up the short and long Deity shotguns based on the 416 capsule. The long shotgun functions just like I remember the 416T and the short shotgun is very versatile. However I came across some issues in my application of the short shotgun (RFI and handling) and am looking for a new primary indoor and interview mic. Looking at what I need it seems as though the MKH-50 is the obvious choice but I wanted to run it by you guys to see if there is anything else you would recommend. I don't have access to any rentals, dealers or distributors in my state, so testing mics side by side is not an option. I hoping your experiences can help guide me in the right direction so I can test a select few mics independently before making a purchase. Things I need: - Matches with 416 style mics, but allows for growth into other brands. (Schoeps, Sanken and DPA are all on my radar) - Dependable RF shielding - Wide pickup for capturing group conversations - long reach for booming wide shots from a ladder - Moisture resistant - Indoor + outdoor use - Versatile in lots of applications; features, docs, commercial, interviews, VO, Foley/SFX Things I would like but don't need: - Over 20khz frequency response for sound design - Modular capsule system - Matching fig-8 for M/S recording Mics I'm considering and would like feedback on - Sennheiser Mkh-50 - Sennheiser Mkh-8050 (seems like it matches my wants and needs but hear lots of complaints from the 80xx series) - Rycote SC-08 - Audix - SCX1-HC (seems like a great plant mic that may work for interviews) Thank you -J
  4. I believe $5200 is with the 2022 price hike, unless there was an official announcement in the last few days and are going to increase it again in a few months. Last week I noticed the price hike of the 833 go up from around $4700ish from memory, as well as all other 8-series and MixPre IIs getting price bumps. In a thread I brought this up, and some said chip supply seems to be one factor, and some brought up new owners potentially trying to increase profit margins. To add my thoughts on the 833 plugin. (Coming from someone who is only dreaming of owning one right now) It seems as though this is just taking advantage of shared hardware between the 833 and 888, with some development to adjust to the 833 controls. If both of them have the same recorder chip, and this is not a massive R&D task, then this seems a bit overpriced, for $400-500 I could totally see it.
  5. Hey everyone, I was wondering if anyone had heard any news on why all the Sound Devices recorders got a price bump in the last few days? Im guessing its related to the ongoing shortage, but I was just wondering if there was an official announcement? Im looking to buy the MixPre 10 as my first personal recorder early next year (goodbye Zoom F-Series rentals!) and got a bit bummed out seeing this. The MixPre II Series was originally cheaper than the first gen and now its back to being the same price. Do you guys anticipate they will continuing to increase in price? -Jacques
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