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  1. No Worries!! Software update from Zaxcom fixed my IFB problem fyi. v70
  2. Hi there, Have just purchased 6 TRXLA3's and my sound assist cannot pickup confidence monitoring on his/her erx reciever. Its strange, The Zaxnet frequencies are the same and the ERX's light goes green to show a signal is being picked up but alas nothing can be heard (record beeps or audio). Via UHF the QRX235's I have in my cart can pickup the TRXLA3's uhf signal fine, And The ERX's can pick up the QRX's IFB transmition (on a different 2.4 ghz Frequency) fine as well. But the signal from the TRXLA3's zaxnet output direct to the ERX's (1st gen and latest gen) cannot be heard. Which is challenging as the Sound assist needs to hear the beeps to confirm that the packs are rolling record. The firmware on the ERX's are up to date. Does anybody have a fix? Just to confirm the packs are : TRXLA3's (mono). THe IFB's are a combo of ERX3TCD and ERX2TCD both tried. The Cart recievers are new QRX235's with the IFB option. Thanks in advance.
  3. Lets be honest, He sounds like he's on a tight budget and not trying to take any sound Mixers jobs so lets cut him some slack. He's come to JWSound for advice which is what this forum is supposed to be all about, so lets give it to him. I would recommend 3 x ZFR300's, one for each talent. And a master. Get an ERX reciever and jam that to the same timecode as the master and put it in to the Camera's Timecode in. Get a sennheiser ME66 and it can be the camera mic or a mobile boom mic plugged in to the third ZFR300 (WHEN NOT IN USE). As far as monitoring you will be limited for range but with visible Lav mics you should be fine. Hire some gear or borrow it (there should be some people that can help you here?) that myk Guy is from NZ) from a production company that has it and try it out on a test shoot if you can. The main challenge you have is that you have 3 x talent. It can be done mate, Dont give up! And dont listen to the naysayers. Best of luck.
  4. Yes in the bag. with a sound devices 633.
  5. What is the IFB audio range like for the QRX235 compared to the IFB100 for directors (who have erx's). The specs say the ifb 100 has 75mw power and the QRX235 has 50 mw, But how are people finding the difference out in the field?
  6. Is it true that Zaxcom has the Patent on any trx with a recording function? Apologies if this is well known.
  7. Thanks Jack, good to know, cheers. I have been telling them to hire a mixer, a lot. Like i said.
  8. Thanks. I have been advising the EP's to hire a Mixer for a while now but unfortunately they are happy with putting all of the 24 talent on a ZFR300 recorder each and hope that the directors pick up on any lav placement problems before each scene. This makes it extra frustrating for us directors as with the ERX's we only have such a small range and sometimes have to actually rub the erx over where there ZRX's are placed to get any audio and check that they are rolling. I hope this is not the way of the future for reality television. I really hope not.
  9. Yes thats right they are different pieces of gear. Correct. Could the rx200 be used as a fib receiver with an adapter cable so a pair of headphones can be plugged in to monitor? when monitoring a TRXLA2 please?
  10. Hello, Im a Director on a reality show and was wandering if a RX200 could be used as a more powerful IFB receiver for directors instead of the ERX zaxnet receivers we have been using up until now? We are really struggling to hear whats going on once you are more than 10 feet away. The transmitters we have been using have been the ZFR300's which have been great at recording everything but not at monitoring from the side of the scene. We were thinking of upgrading to the TRXLA2's so that we can monitor over the uhf band and hopefully get more range. I know the RX200 does not have a headphone out but could an adapter cable be made so that we can plug in to them? And if so, Does the RX200 have the ability to save certain frequencies in a user group style to what the lectors can so that we can jump between the frequencies of the other talent on the show? Thank you in advance for your help.
  11. Panamic poles are great as well.
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