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  1. Does anyone know if Pete is still doing these upgrades?
  2. I didn't realise they're releasing an srd
  3. RunandGun, you make some interesting points. Being backwards compatible with lectros digital and anologue systems. At the monent, not a big deal but in a few years might make my src's rendundat on certain sets. If im also being honest, switching from 411's many years ago I was always disappointed with the range of the sr series comparatively, I however looked past this to have the advantages of sr's size and weight. It was enlightening when I could run 3 src's with a 633 out of a bag. A tiny yet powerful package that could cover 80 percent of my work. And a side bonus, my back has never felt better! Constantin, it's great that your getting similar range to the 411. Ive read its got upgraded front end tracking that the 411 had and im glad to hear its a solid performance wise. Have you used it much in high rf / multi radio mic scenarios. I always found that's when the src's fell over a little?
  4. Hello Sorry if this has already been covered. As an owner of many src's im considering dropping some coin and upgrading to the 822's. It's a big outlay though so im after some real world comparisons please? Apart from covering all the blocks are the 822s any better? Thank you
  5. Hello JWSounders Im a location sound recordist based in Australia. If anyone knows of any productions heading this way please pass on my details. mwyse@optusnet.com.au If calling from overseas +61 411130892 or local 0411130892 Cheers team Michael Wyse
  6. Hi guys I've been using a schoeps cmc4 with the mk41 head for years, and loving it. It's time for a second one and I'm loving the size of the ccm 41s. Im wondering weather the ccm41s (speech) is comparable to the current cmc61 with the me 41 head?? It's mainly for indoor interview setup but I love the size for I car stuff or tight spaces. Thanks in advance guys Wysey
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