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    Vancouver, BC
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    improvised music, electronics/noise, free jazz, double bass, processed guitar
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    i live and work in beautiful Vancouver, BC. <br />
    <br />
    I'm an IATSE 891 sound mixer, former sound assistant and sometimes boom op (over 10 plus years...or so the pin says) mostly doing low budget tv movies, independant features as well as the occasional 2nd unit on bigger budget series and features when i can get it. Reccomendations are always appreciated!!<br />
    <br />
    One day i hope to make the jump to doing features and TV full time. <br />
    <br />
    I also teach "the basics" of location sound at Capilano University and the Arts Institute of Vancouver part-time to pay the rent when film work is inconsistant (which is of course all the time!)
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  1. Thanks Jan! works fantastic now.. 4 years running with your wireless timecode systems. not one complaint from post. worth every penny....and the shipping is the worst part...but that’s life and being on the west coast of North america. all the best and happy holidays! scott
  2. I've just sent my second Besto receiver off to get serviced as the LED display just decided to die....and the battery door has been sticking so it's time for a european vacation. The first one was no problem. Returned within a week and a bit from Europe to Vancouver Trew audio. Other than them being far away i've had nothing but flawless service from all the products i've purchased by them. I love wirelessly updating timecode anytime and my Assist loves never have to chase down the camera peeps after lunch. So no complaints from me regardin
  3. Jeff, I am truly sorry to hear about your father. He seems to have led an amazing active life that was well lived and he got rewarded with a wonderful family. I'm sitting beside my father right now at their winter place in Florida and cherishing every moment with his awesome cranky gentle soul. Condolences from Vancouver, Scott
  4. if only we could all retire after such an amazing show. Congrats to the crew!
  5. +100 on "temples of sound" Such a great book. and i hope they get "the Wrecking Crew" documentary out the website makes it look amazing!
  6. happy birthday Larry!! all the best as you're great to all of us!
  7. i think that's a great idea! I'll actually be able to get to a few meetings over the winter....so i'll bring it up to Marty.
  8. well...if you're ever doing another show and tell Phil...i'm putting my hand up for a ticket.
  9. i have both....and i can't believe i'm saying this, but i guess if you spend enough time reading this board eventually the Senator's short and sweet wisdom rings true....."it depends" Things like the actor's voice and enviroment/ambience essentially. Sometimes in cars this is great, or interiors but wider shots it does tend to be thin which may or may not work for you in the scene. I remember using this mic on an scene with cops and a victim outside in a backyard that had a beautiful forest that on the otherside was a busy highway road, the mk41s seemed to have the best background noise an
  10. let me know if you find out Mirror! a few of mine on my 106 could use replacement as well.
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