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  1. can't we have an online buying directly from sound devices.
  2. Good matti have you done the boom holder yourself?
  3. great video, I like to know more about TC buddy
  4. Audio is taken for granted every where and We should blame ourselves for it Because we usually never fight back
  5. Hi Christian, I am the first to buy a R88 in India(Mumbai) and am happy with it especially for its price. I would like to ask you, are you a sales representative of the product? Because apart from the time code there are many things a field recordist would like to have on his recorder which can be upgraded on future update but I do not know where to write it? As far as Sound devices is concerned I have a 744T & 664 and I am happy that I can contact their representatives when ever I need them Max Mumbai India
  6. Thanks Mike I agree Google is my friend But It usually has demos from people who would like to sell of their goods hence I asked friends from JW who have used it so that I could have a proper review. Thanks VM for your review
  7. I would like some reviews about it from people who have used it?
  8. Maxie Mendonca

    Zoom h6

    Has any one used Zoom H6?
  9. As in mobile phones , ear phone connection serves as an antennae. Is it possible to connect a thin wire from the antenae solder point to the ground of the EP jack connector and avoid using the antenae ?
  10. I have already recovered my investment still working fine with some minor issues with the touch screen while numbering scene /shot
  11. It can be used both ways It is big but ligther than 664
  12. Thanks a lot John. I would be more happy if I could hear ISO track on playback.
  13. My 664 arrived a bit late (after a wait of 3 months) and then it required an adopter or NP batteries because AA batteries dont last even for an hour. I needed a 32gb CF card a bigger bag etc hence I prefered R88 which was almost ready from the word go. I just got a SD card which is quite cheap and checked it I liked it .I might use 664 for my next project or rent it out.
  14. Bought a R88 and a SD 664 But I am currently using R88 and I liked it Its sounds good only I could not play back iso tracks. Timecode,Batteries and mono files are some issues but overall a good recorder
  15. Thanks Daniel for your input.
  16. Has any one used the R88 Roland recorder?
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