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  1. I did some research looking at UV lights for my surgery center, here is what I learned. While UV C probably would kill Covid-19 effectively, it has to be directly exposed on the item and not in any shadows. That obviously poses some limitations. More importantly, while UV-C lights that are in "fluorescent" type tubes are the real deal (200-280nm), many of the supposed LED UV lights are fakes from China, and do not have germicidal effect, not saying that was what is in the box mentioned, but they are LED type bulbs. The fluorescent type tubes are very hard on skin and eyes, and degrade some materials rather quickly. There are some UV LED's but quite expensive. There is a new wavelength of 222nm that is made by Ushio (also fluorescent type) and will be available in products at some point which is skin and eye safe. I think wipes, with something like Cavicide are the best option for cleaning surfaces, or regular Clorox wipes.
  2. I got it running on an iPad Pro - very low latency and nice menu integration.
  3. The CL 12 is not a currently offered product, so unless you happen to have one, it does not really help an 833 owner. Yes, one might be had used, but not a good solution for a new product line of the 8 series. While it is true that this is overkill for an 833 in terms of capacity, it should still work should someone be so inclined, the architecture between the three machines is pretty similar and so far they all run the same software.
  4. I agree, purchased the 833 just before the 888 was announced, and although it is fine for my needs now, had assumed all the "8" series goodies would be compatible. Had I known of the new CL16 not being compatible (which was pre-announced at the time of my purchase) I would have waited and purchased the 888 instead. Like I said, probably not going to impact me much, but for others I can understand some heartburn.
  5. I received the AES device today, and installed on my 833. I had to slightly rearrange my bag to compensate for the "bump". It auto-recognized the XL-AES and I set up channels 5/6 for AES wireless (instead of 1/2). Now I have 4 channels of analog and last 2 for wireless with controls. Interestingly (at least to me) I set up channel 8 as USB connecting through the USB C port. With this I can connect to my laptop and both import and export, for instance with Logic Pro X talent can hear a project playing through the headphones and simultaneously record on a track. Likewise, I can route track(s) simultaneously through the USB port and they show up on Logic Pro. I know the mix-pre does this and maybe easier and for a lot less money, but it is nice to have such capability when needed. Also of interest, it does seem to run significantly cooler and I think the battery will last longer with the new firmware.
  6. New firmware was released to allow connection to the AES input device, but I don't see the documentation regarding implementation or routing of this capability on any of the 8 series. Just found it
  7. Now showing on SD website, now showing for pre-sale on Gotham Sound ... XL-AES $195.00.
  8. zernicke


    OK $3795 for the MCR 52 but $4745 for the MCR 42. I have one set with the MCR 42 and really like it so if I was to get a second set it would be with that. I believe when I purchased this set originally it was even a better offer, but that was when they were first introducing Wisycom to the US market.
  9. zernicke


    Where is that package deal if I might ask? I did one of those a few years ago, love the Wisycom, might want to get a second set.
  10. From Massimo Polo at Wisycom, "Remember that each time u reduce the squelch of 3dB is like having a transmitter twice powerful!". I have this system and at 50mw have not yet found any drop off of signal at reasonable distances. If you reduce the default squelch from 12dB to 9 dB it is effectively like a 100mw transmitter and with these settings I have never seen interference. It is really quite amazing how well this wireless works. The beta software on the receiver lets you monitor quite a few functions real time including RF level. I am quite happy with the system although can only compare it to Sennheiser G3, to which is not even close. I am sure the professional Lectro systems are great also.
  11. Stingray from K-Tek now shipping, ordered mine today!
  12. Since the 633 and 664 are from the mixer line, their metering matches the 442, 302 and 552. 0dBu is equivalent to -20dBFS [from the SD forum website]
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