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  1. Nagra will be showing some of their "historic" pieces as part of this year's Audio show in Munich this week. Here is a link to their teaser video with a few pics of Kudelski and a few shots of tape machines.
  2. Many thanks Dela and JBond. Makes sense to have a standard 1/8 mic jack. Appreciate the effort to take your unit's boards out and posting pics. Mystery solved. Thanks, Chris
  3. Wondering if anyone knows whether SN units with a second jack (in addition to the headphone jack) located next to the start/stop lever were a specific version or an aftermarket mod by some users. I can't seem to find any information about this jack as it is not featured on the majority of units I have seen out there. Do you happen to know anything about this option and it's purpose? There is a photo from JBond's earlier post (second photo of post 376) depicting an SN red text unit that has the second jack located near the white nylon guide roller and the start/stop button trigger. I have reviewed an SN manual online but have had no luck figuring out what this is. Anyone know? Chris
  4. Tunes

    1/4 Track Playback Head On A Nagra IV-S ?

    This is a great mod for those who mainly use the IV-S for playback and have no use for the pilot/NRS function. You have a ballpark of what the mod cost and is it reversible (What is the extent of light machining)?
  5. Great post! Always interesting to better understand what led to the development of these amazing machines. Love the photos.
  6. Seems to have already sold for the US$6k asking price. Wow!
  7. I was watching this in hopes I might get lucky. No such luck! Beautiful machine but really surprised me that the auction went that high so I was out very early. Hope the winner is able to get it operating.
  8. Tunes

    rescued from the dumpster

    Good find! Amazing what ends up in dumpsters!
  9. Yes, I'm watching that one. Seller does not know much about tape recorders - looks to be more of an estate / antique vendor so a bit of a crapshoot as to whether this unit has any functionality other than as a collectible museum piece.
  10. Also don't want to deviate much more from the thread but for those curious about the difference between the IV-S heads (wide vs standard), there is a current ebay listing for an IV-S with a second set of heads which happen to be the wide-track ones. Not really noted in the description as anything special, but these wide-track heads are desirable among some folks. I have nothing to do with this listing and find the asking price too high but it does include these heads which are probably worth about $1000 on their own. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1-Owner-Nagra-IV-S-Stereo-Reel-to-Reel-Recorder-w-lot-of-accessories/263466035000?hash=item3d57cca738:g:bEsAAOSwZ11ab49P
  11. Thanks for the info Glen! I'll follow up with you and Steve directly. So great to see the parts and expertise are still available to keep these great machines running!
  12. Glen, Do you know if the bias board for wide track heads is available still? I have a set of wide track heads I would like to install on a non-wide track IV-S. Many thanks Chris
  13. Tunes

    Buzzing on nagra taudio

    Marc, Your description sounds like what happens to us as we age as well )) Yes, i have a second parts machine which i am using to try swapping power supply units, also did swap the main audio control logic boards but no difference. I haven't tried swapping the left and right audio boards with the parts l/r boards yet as the noise is present on both channels. Still working through the possibilities ... Thanks for all the suggestions and the follow up comments jay and marc. Chris
  14. Tunes

    Buzzing on nagra taudio

    Thank you all for the suggestions! I swapped in a power supply from another machine that has no buzz/tone and that made no difference so now i am thinking it may not be power supply afterall. There is no separate mono head and the mono led is not on so i am thinking it is not due to mono / pilot tone. Have tried two tapes from two different machines and it's there so i don 't think it's on the tape. When in stop, the tone/buzzing persists. As mentioned, it does disappear after 3 minutes in park if the keyboard isn't used and the machine goes into standby. Maybe grounding issue. It is more of a higher pitched tone / buzz than a low steady hum like i've heard on other gear when ground loop hum has been present. Chris
  15. Any ideas on helping this novice identify noise on my recent used taudio? I'm trying to diagnose a hum/buzz on both channels on a nagra t audio tape player. The transport is working fine and audio output is strong on both channels but there is a faint mosquito pitched buzz that increases in loudness as volume dial increases. Present on both headphone and via external outputs to audio system. Have had a suggestion that i may need to look at the power supply filter capacitors. One other thing if you know this machine, is that the buzz stops after a few minutes when the unit has not been touched and switches itself into standby. Would this indicate a specific area of the power supply to investigate? Sure hope to identify the culprit as it's an amazing machine otherwise! Thanks! Chris