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Found 12 results

  1. Hi again soundfolk, I just received my 744T (my 442 is on the way too)! It's the first TC recorder I've had and and I'm psyched! Production on a little indy film helped me afford it (plus a bunch of other goodies), and principal photography is four days away. I'm sure the 744T user group has generally settled on common settings and methods for many of the things we do with them. I'd like to ask how you may set certain user functions and other settings on it..perhaps which ones maybe most important...what strange behavior I should beware of, perhaps some of the unorthodox settings that have worked out problems? My first question is: 744T File: Folder Options ~ How do you like to organize the folder/files? IE: For this film should I make the Top Level file "The Name Of The Film", and then the Mid Level folder automatically becomes my daily folder? Does it work that way? I'm not sure about that part. A second nebulous issue... Compact Flash Cards: At the advice of the group, I could hand them off for upload to the production Mac as we move through the shooting day, keeping every file backed up on the HDD (and maybe an external FW drive), if I understood correctly. Is this a good work flow? If so, how many cards and what size would I need to avoid log jamming the system at the upload end? What size cards do you like/purchase? I went to Office Despot and picked a few compact flash cards ~ a 4gb Lexar and an 8gb Sandisk. I'll be living here for the next few days... Many humble thanks, Rachel
  2. Hi, had the strangest thing happen today. While recording on 744t, I heard a delayed playback of the same recording, through the headphones. Also (and I'm not sure if this was always there and I've never noticed it), there was a headphone icon next to where it shows the channels (in my case 1,1) I was listening to. When I reviewed the files later, I did not hear the delayed playback in them. Any idea how I messed up? Much appreciated.
  3. Hi, I'm am a little bit annoyed by the weight and size of my big K-Tek bag and am looking for something more portable. Something like the K-Tek Tascam DR-70D Stingray Bag would be ideal. Has anyone tried to fit in a 744T? The main purpose would be field recording and/or simple stuff where I only need a recorder + NP-1 battery. Thanks already!
  4. Hey Guys, I'm a UK based sound recordist and I've got a TV pilot to shoot.I have a Sound Devices 744T and 442 mixer. I need to use 6 radio packs and a boom for this job and would welcome any work-arounds or maybe you've done the same thing.There's no budget to hire in any more gear so I'm thinking I'll have to "double up" on some channels.Waddayathink???
  5. Hi All, I've been in love with the sound of the 744T preamps and was disappointed to learn the 788 doesn't share the same analog preamps. For many reasons the 633 is a very attractive solution to a lot of my recording needs but I frequently record with more than 3 phantom hungry mics at a time and was considering getting a 422 to compliment the 633. Does anyone know if the pres in the 422 are the same analog pres as those in the 744T? Aside from the 422, what are some other great 3-4 channel preamps available to drive the additional 3 line-inputs of the 633? I saw the VCP-M3 serving just that purpose but haven't been able to find a lot of real-world feedback. I do a bit of atmo and foley recording on top of production mixing, so I'm looking for some deep, clean and portable preamps. Thank you for your time and input!
  6. Hi all, I'm just interested to see what method most people use as track/take naming conventions. The reason being, on the last feature I worked on, the dop was adamant on using phonetics from "A-Z" rather than the conventional "slate" method. Bit annoying as when they got to Z, they started from A.1, B.2 etc. And pick-up scenes were another nightmare. I normally set my track names as "sce_1_T01,sce_1_T02......" and obviously change the scene number when we shoot a new scene. Any cheap way to use a keyboard with the 744T to speed up my writing. The CL-1 is way overpriced for what is it. What track naming method do you use?
  7. Greetings 744T afficianados, SD experts, and audio experts in general, I recorded a boom and a lav the other day on a job. It sat on the cart all day. I usually record to the INHDD and CF card. All day, it showed the usual available space to the INHDD, and nothing but dashes for the CF card, like it wasn't there. (oh boy). Attempting transfer of the CF files to the Mac, no files showed on the CF card, as I'd feared. The files show up and playback fine on the 744T INHDD. But as far as the CF functions go, I'm getting "Media I/O error," and depending on the CF menu item task, "Drive offline" or "Drive not formatted, would you like to format it?", even when the card is in, seated properly (of course), and formatted. Incidentally, on the last job, it recorded to the cards just fine. But this time it didn't. So now, I'm working to get the files off the INHDD, and I now find that the 744T doesn't seem to recognize, ANY other drives. After connecting a Firewire 400 ready MacBook Pro to the 744T directly, and then a Firewire 400 Lacie drive to the 744T directly, none of the seem to mount. It doesn't see it's own CF card (or drive) upon attempting to do an INHDD > CF transfer, either. It looks as if the only drive the 744T can see...would be it's own internal drive, and that's it. I love my 744T. I've always handled it with extreme care. It's never been subjected to harsh elements, hard jolts, drops or vibrations, luggage compartments (I carry it on), or anything like that. I purchased it new in 2010. Has anyone experienced issues like this, or similar? Does the 744T have any history of this? I sure don't see one. I did a little search of the site here, and didn't come up with anything, so I'm looking for advice before I send it off. Is there a firmware upgrade needed? What am I missing here? Above all, how can I get at these files? This doesn't look good. It's getting downright sassy with me. Help. Rachel Cameron www.rachelcameron.com
  8. I am very familiar with this piece. Used it all through college and now rent if for gigs where a 4-track recorder with TC is needed. My big question is - should I invest in one now (used, they are finally coming into my price range), or is it on the way out of fashion? Thanks in advance for the input!
  9. My Sound devices 744T (currently running 2.66 firmware), appears to only have the option of 48.048kF mode in 30ND frame rate. Does anyone know if the hard disk recorder has the ability to record at 48.048Khz F-mode with true 24frame rate. I have heard that perhaps it can if I do the firmware update, but I read the update specs on the sound devices website, and frame rates/sample rates were not listed. I have a feeling the upgrade only applies to the 788T, but if anyone can shed some light, i'd appreciate it.
  10. Trade in your 744T or 552 towards the purchase of a 664 at Gotham! Buy back price depends on the quality and condition of the unit (as determined by a quality check by our tech staff). We are only offering this trade-in value to the first five customers for each device. First come, first serve! E-mail sales@gothamsound.com for more details.
  11. Intro Hi guys, tuning into this awesome forum for some of the usual life-saving help. So I just finished production mixing for my second feature length movie. Landed doing the audio post which will be a first(except mix). A daunting task at the least, but living in the Dominican Republic, people dont really have a miriad of options, eventhough I am fairly inexperienced in the film world, I have been doing commercials and documentary work for over 7 years. Anyways I digress. While i was doing the production audio for this movie, I made it a point to have my recorder jammed from the Panasonic HD Varicam any chance I would get. (since i was running a hardwired mix to camera 85% of the time, it was pretty easy to just have a second TC cable). It was easier to jam my 744t from the camera bc this way I dont have to fidget with the camera. The camera was set to free run and we used time of day. I did this with the belief that I would be saving the production the trouble of manually syncing my audio with the dailies. Is this correct? I did not use a TC slate or lockits, but was constantly jamming my 744t from the Varicam. Isn't there a way for FCP to read the timecode of audio files and video files and automatically line them up? I would think there is, is there something im missing here? The video editor hasn't a clue to what im talking about. Step by step would be awesome I'd appreciate some input on this... Thanks in advance guys!!!
  12. If this has already been posted remove this post... I just solved a mysterious error with 788t files that could not be imported in Final Cut Pro by installing the new 1.16 version of Wave Agent from Sound Devices... Read more here and install 1.16: http://www.sounddevi...os-and-windows/
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