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Found 12 results

  1. Greetings all, Just bought new cheap wireless system from saramonic. The cable looks like this (picture). Could someone explain this to me, please. Thank you
  2. Hi I just found out that the cable for the G3- 112 , cl 100 is unbalance and that the cable cl 500 is balance but sold with the 500 system. I would like to know if it will give me any problem to use cl 500 cable in my G3 112 system? Normally i would believe that balance is better than unbalance, but there must be a reason why G3-112 is sold with a unbalance cable. I will use this to connect to my HD recorder 664 with balance input. Any comment would be nice, thanks. And yes I know that the G3- 112 is not world class radiomic, but with a DPA 4060 mic. it helps a lot. Thanks
  3. Clutch Synchro is proud to announce availability of the ERX line of Interconnects. The cables are specifically made for either the ERX-3 (Locking) series of ERX-1 (Non locking Right angle) to specific cameras. Our first shipping product in this series is a standard ENG setup with XLR (mono) for audio and BNC for Timecode. We also have specific cables for the Red Epic/Scarlet and the Arri Alexa series that are both 2 weeks from shipping. All are available for direct purchase at www.clutchsynchro.com Hit me directly with any questions of course. brian@clutchsound.com
  4. Hi all, anyone know if there was a source for the lower profile female XLR connectors? Have noticed a few here and there, Loon certainly use them with their cables. I'd love to to wire some up if they're around. cheers http://www.loonaudio...=a815B4B2CC.jpg
  5. I've been happily using my Rycote Invision mount for a couple years now with much satisfaction. However the internal coiled cable on my Ktek pole has developed a short right where I usually tuck the exterior portion into the cable management hook on the Invision mount. I'm just wondering if anybody else has experienced this issue and attribute the short to the cable management hook? If it's a problem for multiple people them maybe it's something that might need to be brought to Rycotes attention. Of course it could be that the cable has a short for no other reason than continual use. Matt
  6. Quick question here because of some advice I overheard. I do a lot of 1 and 2 Camera interviews for broadcast, and normally I use a 10 pin snake connection to a 664. I listen to return coming back through the snake, but a much more experienced sound man suggested I start listening to return through a separate 3.5mm extension cable going directly to the camera. His reasoning was that the mixer could have setting where the return isn't true. Does anyone else do this? Anything to add to the reasoning or is it overkill?
  7. Hello all, Doesn anyone know the pin config (or schematics if not simple pin to pin connection) for the link cable to join together 2x Wendt X5 mixers? "The 5 pin connector marked LINK allows two X5 mixers to be cross-linked which yields a full 10 channel mix with 8 line outputs". Thanks, Stephen
  8. Any tips for feeding scratch track in to Epic Red? I heard the cable is unreliable.
  9. I need to make a cable for a Sony WRT-822- Hirose to XLR Male. Can anyone give me the pin wiring for this? Also, if there are any special considerations to take note of when making this cable that would be much appreciated! Thanks!
  10. Guest

    Breakout cables and adapters

    Hi everyone, sorry if this came up before as searching didn't come up with much. Anyone have any experience in making breakout cables for the 788T with Return and Timecode over a 10-Pin Hirose cable, in order to connect to an Alexa? Unfortunately I do not own a mixer so have to improvise. I know I can buy them, but I would like to make them myself considering they can get damaged pretty easily and thought maybe someone has the diagram of some sort I can use as reference, since I have no idea how things work on the Alexa end and cant seem to find the diagram for its pins. Thank you Erkal
  11. I have a Canare breakaway cable that I use to connect my SD 302 to camera. Recently, I've encountered a problem where one of the channels on the return will cut out. I had been able to fix it by jiggling the 1/8" return cable at the camera end, but that has stopped working. I unscrewed the housing and there doesn't appear to be any broken connections (though I'm no expert). There was also a broken connection at the 8-pin connector end of the camera end, but a friend soldered that back for me, which seemed to fix it. Has anyone else had this problem? Were you able to fix it yourself? What should I be looking for? Would it be better to just send it to Canare for repair? Do they even do that? Thanks for any help ya'll can give me! p.s. I've included a few pics, though you can't really tell much from them.
  12. Hi all, feeling like making my own brake-out cable and tails to camera. I have little experience with brake-outs and would like to know from more experienced what is a good, comfy distance to insert the multi-pin xlr going to camera. I've seen these measurement from a pro cable maker: Outputs are 35cm Long Return is 65cm Long any advice on the gauge? any extra tips are welcome. thanks
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