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  1. Hey All, Dos Rios, a production company up here in Seattle, is looking for a Sound Mixer in the San Francisco area for a gig on July 17-18. I work for these guys fairly regularly and they're good peeps. The general jist of the job is following a local Seattle band, Car Seat Headrest, around on the street and getting they're interactions amongst themselves and people on the street. Don't know they're budget so there's that. Usually good rates though. If you're interested you can email Paul Breslin at paul@dosriosfilms.com. If you have any question pm me. I usually check in every morning. Enjoy, Matt
  2. I think their designer is a bit too into H.R. Giger with a little nod to The Terminator thrown in but I could be imaging things. The look of their stuff scares me a little. Ok, a lot. The price even more so I'm sure.
  3. MSheldon

    Signing out comteks

    Signing out Comteks seems like a complete no-go to me. I barely have time to get the Coms out to the people who need them. I don't have time to hunt down all the clients individually at Crafty or wherever they are and take notes or print individual labels for every job. Usually I just check with a coordinator on how many they'll need at video village and set them out close by or in the chairs. I agree with Afewmoreyears. It was rude and also a silly way to cover their behind. Production companies are responsible for the way their clients treat my gear and they keep trying to shirk that responsibility. I'm a little hot on this topic because I just watched a director try to kill a brand new Comtek about 3 times in one day. Having a very obvious place for clients to get and return coms is the best plan. On bigger jobs one option not mentioned is a hanging cloth shoe organizer. They have around 10 to 15 slots in them for receivers and headphones. All you need is a stand to hang it from. It compacts down to a much smaller size at the end of the day, they're cheap, and you can find them at any department store. Props to Bob Marts for this idea.
  4. MSheldon

    Sound Devices Vatican version

    It looks like he went to the hip hop school of mic technique. Spittin' some serious papal rhymes. I guess that why he's the cool Pope.
  5. MSheldon

    New iPower 9V alternative from Tenergy

    Got it. The Hitechs do swell a bit but even new they were too big for the Coms. It would be great if the Tenergy fit and were reliable. I'd love to buy a 10 pack with a 10 bay charger. My old Soshine charger takes for ever to charge and it's only 2 bays. Probably will just have to spring for the iPowers. As an aside the Hitech bats have been great besides fitment. They've held up well over the two years I've had them. None of them have died. I don't use them much anymore because, much like Boomboom, it's mostly AA bats in use these days.
  6. MSheldon

    New iPower 9V alternative from Tenergy

    I too would like to know which rechargeable 9V people are using in their Comteks these days? I have a boat load of Hitech 720mAh bats bought for my older Lectro transmitters but can't use them in the Comteks or my Deneke slate. They will eventually break the hinge on the Comtek battery door and get stuck in the slate. My old Soshine 500mAh bats fit good in the Coms but the new higher mAh ones look suspiciously similar to the Hitechs.
  7. MSheldon

    What Car Do You Drive?

    A blue 1989 Volvo 240 wagon. I like to call it the Blue Whale. I can fit a ton of gear in it and it has tie down points built into it. Sadly after only 400,000 miles it's getting a little tired. Thinking of either a used Transit Connect or Promaster City for work and camping double duty. Maybe.
  8. MSheldon

    Denecke SB-4

    PS. I just looked at my Eneloop AAs again and they have a nub on the - terminal. The EBL AAA don't. If the Eneloop AAA also have a nub I bet they will work fine. Live and learn.
  9. MSheldon

    Denecke SB-4

    Very rarely is price point my top consideration. My intent was not to buy the cheapest recheargables I could find but all recheargable AAA are fairly cheap so I could afford to experiment with other brands. I have Eneloop AA (no AAA), which I'm happy with, and the wrappers on them appear to be adhered to the battery in the same fashion. The wrapper extends around the bottom of the - terminal. I'm interested in knowing 2 things. First off do all SB4s have this issue with rechargeables or is it just mine. Secondly is it all rechargeables with similar wrapping or just the EBLs. The ability to use rechargeables is important to me. What I like about the SB4. It's a Denecke and it keeps time very well. They also have great customer service. At least 10 hours without re-jamming if needed (I know always re-jam at lunch). I love having rolling TC on the screen. It has TC out on both BNC and LEMO. Great battery life. It's very small and light so slightly less Cam Op complaining. Possible firmware updates are user serviceable through USB. I'm a little ambivalent about the 4-way toggle on the front. If you don't pull batteries it powers up unintentionally very easily. Also it seems like it could be a weak point in it's construction but time will tell on that front. Also I don't like the battery door. It's fiddly. When you slide it closed you're pushing down as well which makes it hard to slide across the battery ends. I usually end up pushing down on the batteries with one hand and sliding the door closed with the other. I admit it's a minor gripe but still...don't like it. Anyways that's my $0.02 worth.
  10. MSheldon

    Denecke SB-4

    Oh, I was just checking out some different batteries. There were 8 in the pack for not very much money. Figured I'd try them out. The problem appears to be that the wrapper wraps around the bottom edge of the negative end on the battery and interferes with good contact at negative battery contact on the SB4. Haven't looked into whether Eneloop batteries will have the same issue.
  11. MSheldon

    Denecke SB-4

    I assume you mean they can short if the casings touch a each other or another metal object. Hadn't thought of that with the AAAs. I had assumed that the outer casing was isolated from the reactive innards of the battery. So buyers be aware that some rechargeable batteries don't play well with the SB4 and don't remove wrapping to solve the issue. That is unless you like playing with fire.
  12. MSheldon

    Denecke SB-4

  13. MSheldon

    Denecke SB-4

    I got mine a couple weeks ago. One issue of note is I bought a set of rechargeable EBL AAA's for it and had to pull all the wrappers off of them before I could get them to power the unit. I do love having rolling TC on the unit's display. So much easier to check TC now.
  14. MSheldon

    The Loudest Sound in the World

    Hi All, I ran across this article this morning and thought some of you might enjoy it. The article goes a little deeper into the subject than the title might imply. http://fivethirtyeight.com/features/the-loudest-sound-in-the-world-would-kill-you-on-the-spot/ Cheers, Matt
  15. MSheldon

    Bonehead Lectro R1a question re: headphones

    Hey Kelsey, I believe the model number is Philips SBC HL150. John Matthews had one on set the other day and I copied it down so I could price them after the shoot. Looks like the HL150 have been discontinued and now they only make the non-folding HL145. Dang. I wanted some of the folding ones. Matt