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Found 15 results

  1. I will start with the main theme from "Get Carter". Roy Budd was the composer.
  2. Has anyone found a newer app that has markers and cue points for playback? I just paid $7 for "live playback" app and it can only import from the music app. This is an issue (and limitation of the iPhone) because you cannot import songs into the music app without a computer and iTunes. Does anyone use a more flexible app? Thank you.
  3. Hi all, thought this event we are organising during the Brighton Festival might interest some of you...? In the UK premiere of the immersive video installation The Sprawl, award-winning artists and filmmakers Metahaven argue that the internet has become a disruptive geopolitical super weapon. Together with master cinematographer Remko Schnorr and acclaimed electronic musician Kuedo, Metahaven present The Sprawl, a strikingly poetic cinematic journey into the tangled machinations of the web, where terrorists tweet, anime videos disguise political spin and news channels hawk morality. Examining the splintered interpretation of world events including the Ukraine war, the downing of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 and the spread of IS, The Sprawl offers a subversive critique of the internet as geopolitical super weapon. Presented at the 50th edition of Brighton Festival as an immersive video installation, multiple screens engage the viewer with The Sprawl: a fragmented, non-linear stream of state-influenced fan art, news clips and memes – overlaid and juxtaposed with Metahaven’s original footage and graphics – and contributions from leading experts on design, geopolitics and visual theory. A tangible, physical overload of visual and aural information, reflecting and intensifying the real-world experience. METAHAVEN Metahaven co-founders, Vinca Kruk and Daniel van der Velden, describe The Sprawl as taking "a deeper, stranger look” at how the internet has opened the floodgates for multiple interpretations of truth, as influenced by aesthetics, convention and agenda. It is the latest example of the radical Dutch duo’s use of graphic design, moving image and internet activism to investigate commercial and political power structures. The project builds on the themes of their 2013 book Can Jokes Bring Down Governments? which proposed humour as the latest weapon of protest, and 2009’s Uncorporate Identity, which unpicked the paradoxes of identity in a networked world. In 2013 Metahaven won the Cobra Art Prize and was named Design Studio of the Year by ICON magazine. BRIGHTON FESTIVAL Co-commissioned by Lighthouse and Brighton Festival, the exhibition is being presented at Lighthouse, as part of the festival, which this year is celebrating 50 years of commissioning and producing innovative arts and culture, with pioneering artist and musician Laurie Anderson at the helm as Guest Director. Dates: 7 - 29 May 2016 Times: Daily 11am – 6pm Tickets: Free Venue: Lighthouse, 28 Kensington Street, Brighton, BN1 4AJ To find out more: http://www.lighthouse.org.uk/programme/the-sprawl-at-brighton-festival
  4. Hey Guys, Just a quick question, I have been reading about on set music playback in the forms, and I couldn't find how exactly to make a Timecode Audio Track in Pro Tools. What do you guys use to generate that audio? Third Party plug in? In Pro Tools method? Standard audio files that you use over and over? (I have PT9 on a iMac.) Thanks guys
  5. Hi I'll be shooting a scene in which there will be a band jamming, and there'll also be dialogue happening between other characters in the shot. How would you go about doing this? Would you just have the band mime, and then record and add their music in post? What about drums and singing? That might be harder to mime than guitars. I'm not sure if the scene will be a one-shot or have cuts yet. I suppose if it has cuts, then playing/recording live music is out of the question. If I have to record the band live there, then how would I mic the instruments without the mics being seen? Whiplash is a film that had a lot of this. How did they do it? Thanks so much! Faiz Z
  6. The urgent need to preserve a cornerstone of American culture led folklorists like John Lomax to travel the country documenting early blues recordings and writers like Amiri Baraka to publish “Blues People: Negro Music in White America.” Although Margo Cooper did not know it when she began more than 20 years ago, she has followed that tradition and produced a documentary project that archives the oral and visual histories of blues musicians, their families and communities in northern Mississippi and the Delta. Her project, “Deep Inside the Blues,” includes B. B. King, Sam Carr, Bobby Rush, R. L. Burnside, Otha Turner and many others. It is, for her, a love letter to the people she befriended in the Deep South. It is also, for her, a love letter to the genre that entranced her when she was a teenager. What started simply as a passion for the blues in high school developed into something deeper, as she discovered love and suffering, survival and self-determination, joy and pain, a light in the darkness. Read more here
  7. I recently wrote an article that I wanted to share with all my friends in the music industry as I believe it contains information and tips about music piracy and preventing it that can boost any sales and exposure by 80%. This article covers law and copyright as well as suggestions of best practices to maximise exposure and sales by using free download websites and torrents to your advantage. Please read the article here and let me know if you have any questions or if I can help with anything, I would love to hear some industry thoughts on this. http://mixingmastering.co.uk/music-piracy-how-to-avoid/ Your friendly neighbourhood freelance music industry advisor and marketing consultant, Narcis 'Nachos' Radoi http://uk.linkedin.com/in/nachosdj
  8. Hey everybody, Happy New Year to all! Now 2013 is buried I was wondering what was some of your favorite gigs during that year and perhaps you could share them. Also, what are you hoping (sound wise) or looking forward to specifically in 2014. Take Away Phoenix: This has been online for quite a long time now and I can certainly say this work was one of my 2013 highlights. It is something, with the other sound engineers involved, that we're very proud of and I hope you'll like it. Basically, it's a Take Away show with the band Phoenix and it has some pretty particular things going on: we got to record them on their tour plane and with a drone in the gardens of the Versailles Castle... We also had a couple fun ideas with the mixing: can you spot them? I won't spoil it all, but if you're interested I would be glad to know if anyone ever shot/recorded sound on a plane before. Cheers!
  9. My brother (who works in theatrical lighting) passed this along to me. It is without a doubt the most hilarious contract language I've ever seen-a must read. Link here: http://www.iggypop.org/stoogesrider.html#backline --Scott
  10. ...and I found this. I'm probably not going to buy it any time soon, but it's so beautiful I had to share it. Reading the specs, it only takes .wav and .flac files. Any thoughts on it? <http://www.colorfly.eu/product_index.html>
  11. Hello everybody, I started a collaborative playlist on Spotify where anybody can add his or her "reference" songs some time ago. The main idea is to have a database of good productions from all genres. I'd be happy if you listen, subscribe and contribute. Thanks, and I hope you enjoy the list. Cheers, Umut
  12. Hey Everybody, I recall my post a while back about TNG audio and there seemed to be a lot of Trekies on the form. I recently completed my own Star Trek styled TV opening, which is now on my website at http://dennisnichols...io%20Video.html It's the first song on the right called 'Trek Through The Stars'. Check it out and let me know what y'all think. One day I hope they make a new Star Trek TV series, which seems like a strong possibility if when J.J. Abram's Star Trek 2 makes another big impact and wave of Star Trek demand. Cheers!!
  13. Hey guys, Just wondering how different people charge for Post Production services? (And Also so Musical Composing services) (At home people, projects studios, studios, etc.) Anybody do a black$/min fee? A general estimated based on the amount of time you estimate it will take? Hourly work? Think it is better to separate the music and audio component on the invoice? Any input would be appreciated Thanks Guys
  14. I came across this device and wonder is anyone else using it. The kit includes the dictaphone-shaped transmitter and reciever (working with 1/8 inch jacks). Also includes the 30pin-connector-transmitter for iPhone/iPod/iPad which you see in the foreground. The other thing u see in the box is a USB power adapter. The battery life doesn't look amazing and it works in the 2.4GHz band, so not ideal for IFB, but could be great for music playback. Anyone have thoughts, or anyone using it?
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